Six VERY Unimportant Facts

I've been tagged by Danielle to list six unimportant facts about myself.

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Six unimportant things about myself:

1. When I was a teenager I noticed a sharp-pointy object in my scalp. It was really small and I ignored it. One day I was sitting on the floor watching TV and my sis was lying on the bed behind me. I ask her to check out. She had to get my mom’s tweezers to pull it out… it was a blonde thorn. I’m NOT joking. A few weeks later Jenn noticed something in her scalp. I pulled it out with the tweezers and it was also a blonde thorn.

Old Family Photo

2. I bite my cuticles and pick my split ends…. terrible habits.

3. I’m extremely scared of reptiles and rodents. I will freak out and scream if I see one or get close to one. I’m actually grossed out as I’m typing this.

4. Many people think that I’m a photographer because I work for Kodak. I love taking pictures and I think I take decent pictures but I wouldn’t call myself a “photographer.” I have friends who are very talented photographers and I don’t come close to their talent. I have stopped correcting people when they say I’m a photographer. It happens so much; I feel bad constantly correcting people. I just let them think that is my occupation.

5. I like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.

These are not Chocolate Chip Cookies... I just think they're super cute

6. For 4 years, I did not eat beef. I read the book “Fast Food Nation,” and couldn’t think about beef without getting sick. I have finally starting incorporating beef in my diet again. I eat it about once a month. I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’m going to a cookout and we’re having hamburgers!

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Janet said...

Well, we all looked younger. However, for some of us, the days of smooth faces are over for ever.
Love, Mom