Gender Reveal Party

My brother, Jarrett and sister-in-law, Kate are expecting their first baby.  We're SOOO excited.  Their sweet friend Michelle hosted a Gender Reveal Party for Jarrett and Kate.  The party was so cute and well thought out!  I wish I could take the credit.

The Voting Station

Every Guest Voted.  Boy or Girl???

After voting, each guest wore a sticker that said "I Voted!"
It was fun to see how everyone voted.

After the votes were tallied and everyone had a bite to eat, we were each handed an envelope with a number.  Starting with number 1, we opened the envelope and read the card inside.  It was a poem Michelle wrote about babies.  She's so creative.  Kate had the last envelope.  As she begin to read it, she teared up.  I knew my vote was correct.  IT'S A GIRL!!!!

Kate (left) and Me, the proud Aunt

A party is never complete without party favors, especially sugar cookies with lots of icing!

Party Favors
Party Favors

Party Favors


Valentine's Day Dinner

What I love the most about Valentine's Day is PINK!  It's the perfect opportunity to pull out the pink dishes and set the dining room table for a Valentine's Day dinner.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day Table Setting
Valentine's Day Place Setting
Valentine's Day Table

A Valentine's Day Dinner wouldn't be complete without a Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar Cart

Dinner Serving Pieces 

Blue Willow, Pink Depression, Silver

Blue Willow and Silver

Pink Depression Lacy Edge Pattern

Pink Depression Lacy Edge Pattern with Blue Willow

Not sure what to serve or you don't feel like cooking?  How about take out? Or pizza?  Why not?  It's the pretty table that matter the most.  


Decorating: Re-styling the Coffee Table

I started the new year with revamping a few things in the house.  It was definitely time to re-style the coffee table.  I purchased this coffee table from Pottery Barn years ago.  In the last year, I've thought about getting rid of it.  The color is dark, the quality is sub par, and it was overpriced.  However, after placing a light colored rug underneath the coffee table and a little re-styling, I've decided to keep it for now.

Coffee Table Style

Coffee Table Style

Coffee Table Style
Until recently, my side job has been "Window Dressing" at malls and airports.  A friend gave me the book, 'Confessions of a Window Dresser.'  So perfect!  I really LOVE Jonathan Alder's work.  I recently visited his store in Soho...I could die!  I spurged and purchase the Jonathan Alder Coasters.  JA's latest book is on the coffee table too.


Eclectic Style

A few people ask to see photos of my house.  Currently, I'm working on a few blog posts with before and after photos.  I would describe my style as eclectic.  I like mixing and matching old and new pieces and doing something that is unexpected.  In each room I have something that is...

~Recycled or Refinished
~A Splurge Piece, usually something new
~A Vintage Find
~Something Homemade or Handmade my mom is an AMAZING seamstress.  I'm a lucky girl!
~A Sentimental Piece
~Something that Mattered

The "Something that Mattered" is my favorite.  After my Grandpaw passed away, we were cleaning out their house.  There were so many little things from their house that I saved.  Not necessarily because the  items were valuable but because it mattered to them and brought back a memory.

Below is a preview of my living room.

1.  Yellow Zebra Print Chair  2.  Grandparents High School Graduation Photo  3.  Lamp from my Childhood Bedroom
4.  Jonathan Alder Coasters  5. Mirror Buffet  6.  Grandpaw's Vintage Radio  7.  Vintage Kodak Cameras
8.  Handwritten Letter from my Grandmaw  9.  Pillows


Decorating: Bedroom~ Before and After

My very good friends, Amy and Joe, recently purchased a new home.  I've been helping Amy decorate, one of my favorite things to do!  Since my full time job is so time consuming (imagine that), we've only completed the bedroom.  Well, almost completed.  There are still a few details to add.  I absolutely LOVE the way their bedroom turned out.  Joe even likes it!  Check out the before and after photos.
Bedroom Before
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
-In the seating area on the left wall, Joe is planning to build floor the ceiling book shelves and paint the shelves black.  It's going to look amazing!  I hope my future husband is as handy as Joe.

-The wood floors make such a difference.  I've helped several people decorate and always suggest wood floors throughout the house.  If wood floors throughout the house isn't in the budget, you can add wood floors in key rooms.  Amy and Joe added the wood floors on the first floor of their home.

-We thought about replacing the ceiling fan over the bed with a cool light fixture but we live in Texas.  It's so hot and miserable.  Therefore, the ceiling fan is staying.

Bedroom After

-The dresser was originally dark brown.  I suggested that we have the dresser and other matching pieces painted and add new hardware.  It's a great way to change the look and stay on budget.  Why buy something new?  Just re-work what you have.

-We found the foot stool at a local antique shop for a great price.  It's black with a houndstooth check cushion.  Amy went the the University of Alabama so it's perfect for her!  I love how the foot stool works so well with the printed chair.  Don't worry about mixing and matching different prints.  Try it.  If it doesn't work, you can always move things around or into another room.

-My favorite part of the room is the wall collage!  There are 2 empty frames in the collage that need to be filled.  We purchased several of the frames from Ikea.  They're inexpensive, durable and perfect for completing a wall collage.

Before & After


Christmas Highlights

Christmas Morning
From Left to Right... Kate (sister-in-law), Mom, Me, Jenn (sister)
Baby Claire's 1st Christmas
I'm so crazy about this kid.  He was super happy he didn't have to sit on Santa's lap.
Making a Gingerbread House with Trent.  I may or may not have let him eat a little too much candy.  I hope my sister is not reading this.  Aren't Aunts supposed to be cool?
Trent's 1st San Antonio River Walk Boat Ride.


Since the Christmas season is officially over, it's time to take down the Christmas decorations.  This year it took me about 60 seconds.  With my crazy work schedule, I didn't have the time or energy to put up a tree, even though I have FOUR Christmas trees in the attic.

My Christmas decorations this year consisted of displaying the cards I recieved from family and friends.  I wanted to see and enjoy the cards throughout the season.  As they came in, I punched a hole in the top corner and placed them on manzanita branches.  In my family, we call these branches "The Blessing Tree."  It was used here and here.   

Christmas Cards Displayed on Manzanita Branches
My New Year's Eve was low key, which was nice.  I did wear these shoes....

Glitter Shoes

and had some Sofia Champagne....

Sofia Champagne