Jenn's Preppy Baby Boy Shower

In August I hosted a Preppy Baby Boy Shower for my sister, Jenn. BTW... Jenn is due any day now. I. CAN. HARDLY. WAIT. The color scheme of the shower was Navy Blue and Lime Green with hints of Orange. I made the pinwheels from scrapbook paper, directions here.

Jenn looking fabulous!

The Hostesses
My outfit matched the shower color scheme,
Navy Dress with Lime Green Flower Pin :)

The Food Table
Ooey Gooey Ham & Cheese Sandwiches & Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches,

The Beverages
Izze Soda~ Lime and Orange
We also served wine and punch

Cupcakes for Dessert
My mom and I made the cupcake tower.
It's so easy and economical!
We got this fantastic idea and directions here.
For the bottom of our cupcake tower, we used a cake stand.

One of my favorite features of the Baby Shower was the Blessing Tree.
The white vase was my Grandma's and the white "button" on the ribbon is one of my Grandma's clip earrings. Even though she couldn't be at the shower (in a dementia care facility), a part of my Grandma was there.

The Gifts


A great party isn't complete without fabulous and tasty Party Favors!
I ordered these CUTE and delicious cookies from See Jane Living on Etsy.
As I was looking for cute and reasonably priced cutout cookies, See Jane Living had the best prices! I wondered if the cookies would be tasty. Sometimes decorated cutout cookies are prettier than they are tasty. We were not disappointed... these cookies were just as yummy as they were cute! They came individually wrapped in clear bags. I added the sticker, "For this child, I prayed. 1 Samuel 1:27."

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Sassy In The South said...

I need to get some cookies like that for a baby shower my Mother and I are hosting, will you send me a link to order? Thanks!! My email is sassyinthesouth1@gmail.com

AndreaLeigh said...

gorgeous jill! i would expect nothing less from your super fashionable and preppy self. :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

You did such a great job! I'm in love with those pinwheels. I can't wait for your nephew to get here. Nephews are the absolute best!

Abbi said...

oh my goodness what an adorable baby shower! you are SO creative! you should do things like that for a living! lol!
love your dress with the pen. you always look so cute...and classy! love it!

Lauren said...

Such a CUTE CUTE shower!!! Love all the details :)

Jill said...

Everything looks so cute! And Jenn looks FABULOUS!!!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

What a cute shower! I loved all the decorations! I have to say those cookies looked very yummy!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How adorable! All of the decorations are amazing! Looks like a great shower.

I have a baby shower post scheduled for this Friday :)

Lil' Woman said...

What an adorable shower....I love the decorations and cookies.

midnight macaroons said...

You did a fantastic job on the shower. Your sister is so cute. I can't wait to hear the big news and see pictures of that sweet baby face. Also, congrats to the newlyweds. Sounds like you've had your hands full. Sending my hugs and love.


Breakfast At Toast said...

Such a CUTE and classy shower. Would expect nothing less from you. And your outfit...SO CUTE! Jenn looks fantastic, as expected. Just a belly. Perfect little pregnant girl. So cute!

Love every detail. Especially your matching dress. But -- I said that already.


a!k0 said...

Oh the baby shower looks wonderful. :) All the pretty colors and cute decorations. :) Oh can't wait for the lil baby to come to the world.



AmyT said...

OMG so very very cute!!!!!

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

that is absolutely ADORABLE!!

Woman Interrupted said...

You throw the best showers! Everything looks amazing.

After I read this post, I was asking myself why I didn't think of that color combo last year for my baby...such great colors!

I am so thrilled for your family. That will be one adored little boy.

Jules said...

I think you could start a side business as a successful party planner. You seriously did an amazing job on your sister’s shower. From the colors to the details, everything looks fabulous.

Your sister looked great and so did you. I love how you matched the colors of your outfit to the color scheme of the shower! The spread of food looks delicious and it’s set-up so cute. I love how you even wrapped the water bottles. The cupcake tower looks really great and I bet they tasted delish.

I think it’s really special how you included your Grandma even though she could not be there physically.

The cookies are adorable…gotta love Etsy!