Chocolate Water?

Last week I worked in 5 states in 4 days! Eating healthy on the road can be either really easy or really hard. It's all circumstantial. Last Tuesday night I was in Omaha and stopped by Whole Foods to pick up dinner. On the way to the register I found a new flavored water, Chocolate Mint. I debated it but finally decided to give it a try. Yuummm.... it's great if you're looking for something sweet but you don't want the calories. It reminded me of an Andes Chocolate Mint!

Sorry for the bad photo due to bad hotel room lighting but YUM. I wish I had some Chocolate Mint water now.


Quick Trip to IAH

A couple weeks ago I took a quick trip through IAH (Houston). I met up with friends, Maria and Amy, for dinner. I missed Maria's birthday in June so we celebrated. I laughed SO hard that night, especially when we each made an entry in Amy's (pretend) diary. Good times!

When we arrived the sun was really bright but we still took a few photos.

I can't remember the last time I posted a photo of myself... I just haven't been feeling it.

Happy Birthday, Maria!

Maria ordered a drink named, "2 Brunettes and a Blonde." It was fitting for our trio.

After a couple glasses of wine, we were ready for our usual, fun (and random) photo shoot.

We wondered why young girls do this pose in their Facebook profile photos. Well, their pose isn't exactly like this... we're trying. If anyone knows what the pose is all about, please fill me in.


Project 52~ Week 29 & 30

Week 29
Cute Notecards made by the kids at New Day Foster Home

Week 30
Planning a baby shower for my sister at the end of August
This is a sneak peak at the shower decorations & inspiration...
(The dark color is navy, but kinda looks black in the photo)


Finally, A Real Post

My Sister is Pregnant!

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am. It’s weird… I love this baby so much and I feel so attached to the baby. Last week we found out, it’s a Boy! I’m SO excited about having a baby boy in the family, even though I can't buy him pink outfits and ruffled bathing suits.

I’ve had a few people ask me, “Are you okay?” “How are you handling this?” Thanks for the sympathy but… DO YOU KNOW ME? kiss, kiss ;)

Last Christmas was our first Christmas without my Grandpaw. I can’t remember ever having a Christmas that quiet… someone was missing. After all the gifts had been opened, including gifts my Grandpa had bought us, I asked Jenn if she would have a baby by next Christmas. My Christmas wish was granted!

I refer to Jenn’s baby as the ‘Golden Child.’ He will be the first baby for both families, our family and my brother-in-law’s family. The baby is going to be brilliant! His dad is a surgeon and his mom is a creative, advertising & business girl. He will be beautiful, look at his parents! I know I’m biased but can you argue with their stats?

5 Months Pregnant... you can't even tell

When Jenn told my parents my dad said, “I don’t even know what to think but I’ve wondered if I’d be a Grandfather by the time I collect social security.” HA! My parents always say, “Most people live life fast (especially at our church); we live life really slow.” The itty-bitty doctor scrubs were a gift to my brother-in-law when he finished his residency.

Daisy, the cutest dog in the world, had to get in on the fun and insisted on modeling the baby's scrubs. LOVE her!


Project 52~ Week 22, 23, 24, 24, 26, 27, & 28

Well, I'm not sure if anyone still reads my poor blog. It's been so neglected. I've started several posts, just haven't finished them. I still plan to write about everything that's been going on. Thanks for all the sweet emails, checking in on me. My goal is to write a real post this week, not just photos. We'll see, :)

Week 22
Transistor Radio my Grandpa MADE (from a kit)

Week 23
My Mom's Birthday Dessert

Week 24
Omaha Farmer's Market

Week 25
Baby Scrubs. Guess who's pregnant? If you say me, we can't be friends anymore.

Week 26
Father's Day Lunch
I tried to make the table as manly as possible, including fajita toppings in pink depression glasses.

Week 27
My sister and brother-in-law move back to Texas.

Week 28
New bedding for guest bedroom. Oh my gosh... I must have ironed for 5 hours this weekend.


A Moment of Silence for Baby Cohen