Lingerie Shower

Saturday night Lindsay, Melissa, and I hosted a lingerie shower for Jana at Lindsay's home. It was SO fun.

The Hostesses

Dinner~ John prepared the dinner and left us great instructions for serving. He even had a time line for us. Everything was perfect and delicious. Thanks, John.

Opening Presents

Party Favors~ Vintage Candy from our childhood complete with ring pops, candy necklaces, chicklets gum, candy lipsticks, fun dip, gummies, and orange & strawberry soda.


I’ve been tagged by two fabulous bloggers, Petunia in Paradise and Wearing Mascara. Here are the rules...

1. I get really painful foot and toe cramps. It’s usually when I’m wearing flats or working out a lot. I’ve googled how to prevent foot and toe cramp and the only thing I can find is to eat bananas. I think it works.

2. I don’t like mayonnaise. I never have! I always order sandwiches without mayo, sometimes I say it twice when I’m ordering food. However, I will eat mayo mixed in something... chicken salad, potato salad, or a dip.

3. Decorating is such a slow accumulation, especially when you’re just starting out. Slowly, I started purchasing items about 10 years. My original color scheme was red, tan, black, gold and chocolate brown. I’m kinda tired of it, Ooopps! I still really like it but I don’t love it anymore. I often daydream about re-doing everything. Wouldn’t that be fun?

4. Last year I had two really cute luggage tags stolen at the airport. I realize it could be so much worse. My friend had her Chi flat iron ($150) stolen from her suitcase. It never occurred to me that someone would steal a luggage tag. The first luggage tag was pink leather with a cutout for a photo. I had a picture of my niece, Daisy (Maltese) in the cutout. The second stolen luggage tag one was my absolute favorite. It said, “I love NOT camping.” At the time of the offenses, I called the airlines. They just laughed it off. I don’t appreciate that. I’ve since replaced my stolen luggage tags and I'm hoping for the best.

5. I have 2 really bad habits… picking at my cuticles and picking my split ends.

6. I could watch Steel Magnolias over and over again. I never get tired of it. So many great one liners.

7. Someday I would like to be the first lady of the United States and y’all are all invited to the white house.
I'm tagging anyone who would like to play along.


Tuesday night Lindsay and I went to the Houston Young Republicans meeting. The last meeting was canceled because of Hurricane Ike. I was on a plane back to Houston when I realized the meeting would HAVE to be canceled, my eyes watered. :) Before the HYR meeting, we stopped at my favorite candy store, Candylicious, for a little snack. I love this store! It’s so fun and colorful. They have tons of vintage candies from our childhood.

Wednesday I met Maria for lunch. We were both running errands on the West side of Houston. Maria and I used to live on the West side, about 1.5 miles apart. We’ve both moved and now live about 40 minutes apart. Cry,cry. We went to our favorite deli and specialty food store, Leibman's. We had the best (and very fattening) lunch, tomato pie! Yumm…

We drove by this huge uprooted tree on the way to lunch. There are scenes like this all over Houston. One of the things I like about Houston is the green grass and green trees. I know it probably doesn't sound profound; there is green grass and green trees everywhere. Well, not really. I went to college in Abilene, TX and it was brown! I'm sad so many have been destroyed.


Today I was on my way to Target and I got lost. The problem is, I’m at home! Last year for Thanksgiving I was heading to a friend’s house and I got lost. I had been to his house a million times. How does this happen? I can navigate myself successfully all over the United States for work… Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta. For some reason when I get home I get lost. I eventually found Target. On my little adventure I passed this…

The rumor is a company wanted the all the United States Presidents sculpted for a monument they were creating. Last minute they decided not to proceed with the monument and the Houston company that sculpted these is stuck with them. So, they just sit. I’m not sure if that is the true story but I really don’t want to look it up, so I’ll go with it.

I am so easily distracted in Target. It’s a problem. I had a list of 3 things. I knew exactly where they were located in the store. Of course, I didn’t walk straight to the items. I took the long way, passing through the Halloween items, the new decorations, and the dog clothes. I purchased a Halloween costume for Daisy (sister’s Maltese). I’m going to surprise y’all next week with her costume for this year. Can you guess what it might be? She already has the bubble bee, the ladybug, the ballerina, the pumpkin, the lobster and the hippy girl. Luckily, I only left Target with one extra item. Does anyone else loose themselves in Target the way I do?

I was doing laundry today and noticed my poor basil plant. I’m so sad, it’s dead. My friend, John, gave me this just a few weeks ago. I love fresh basil on sandwiches, homemade pizza, salads, etc… I don’t think I’m home enough to keep anything alive. Sorry John, I really tried.

Last week I had to make a business call in a small town south of Waco, TX. On my drive home I stopped at a few antique shops. I picked up a couple great items.

I love the little chip and dip bowl. It’s so different, it was only $6.00.

I also picked up this pink depression candy dish. My mom has the cutest set of pink depression dessert plates.


My Parent's Mission Trip

A few weeks ago my parents returned from a mission trip to El Salvador. They went with a group from their church in San Antonio. The purpose of the trip was to encourage, teach, and help the needy of El Salvador. While they were there, my dad and mom hosted men’s and women’s retreats. My dad took the men to the coast for their retreat and my mom had Bible studies with the women in the villages (both with an interpreter). I’m so proud of my parents and thankful for the example and legacy they are leaving for Jarrett, Jennifer, Me and our children.

My parents~ they said it was very hot and humid. My mom said her hair did things it had never done before. (He He) The place they stayed didn't have AC.

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." ~ Psalms 91:1-2

On the road to visit a family with 14 children.

My Mom encouraging the woman of El Salvador

The children's class at a Sunday church service in the Village of El Sueva


Help a Family

The fabulous blog designer, Danielle, is holding a raffle to help a family that was badly hurt in a small plane crash. When I read the Nielsen's story, I cried. It's so sad and devastating. Please help this family if you can. If you enter the raffle, you'll be eligible to receive a blog makeover just in time for the holidays. I copied this from Danielle's blog....

"On Saturday, August 16th, Stephanie and Christian Nielsen were in a plane crash along with Christian's flight instructor, Doug Kinneard. Stephanie and Christian were left in critical condition, and sadly, Doug did not survive this accident. I was so touched by this young couple, who are parents to four beautiful children and knew I needed to do something to help.

Monday, September 15th, through Monday, September 22nd, I will be selling raffle tickets to raise money for the Nielsen family. You may purchase 1 raffle ticket for $10, or 3 for $25. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to the Nielsen family. To learn more about the Nielsen's, please click here.

To purchase a raffle ticket, please use the Chipin in the sidebar (on Danielle's blog). Once you have purchased your tickets, please email me at blogsbydaniellefundraiser@gmail.com. I will reply with your raffle ticket number(s). On Tuesday, September 23rd, I will announce the winner, who will receive a $95 Deluxe Blog Makeover"


Guess what??? The grocery store was officially open today. No escorts, no flashlights… As I was walking in, I was so excited. I had a list! Check out what they had to offer. Boo Hoo.

After I struck out at the grocery store, I headed to the nail salon. I’m in desperate need of a mani and pedi. My cuticles are dry and it certainly doesn’t help that I pick at them. When I walked in I noticed the lights were out. The lady informed me they had no power but they could still give me a mani and pedi in the dark with cold water. I did it!! Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Happy Birthday, D!!! Today is Danielle’s Birthday! Danielle, I hope this year is full of many blessings in your life. If y’all get a chance stop by Danielle’s blog and wish her a fabulous birthday and a year of abundant blessings!

The situation in Houston is a little better. My building had the power restored on Monday evening. There are many people that are still living without power and water. If you remember, please pray for them. Today I went to the grocery store; it was the most bazaar experience. I had to wait in a line. Once it was my turn, a store manager escorted me through the store with a flashlight. They lost all their perishable items. I left with diet coke and Halloween cookie cutters. Obviously, I didn’t think the shopping process through. Oh well…

Tomorrow I leave for NOLA (New Orleans) for one night. I’m actually looking forward to it. Maybe I can order a Subway sandwich and not stand in a 45 minute line. :) Tomorrow night my FAVORITE show comes on the Bravo channel, Top Design. I’m hoping my hotel will have cable. We still don’t have cable in Hou.


Hurricane Ike

On my way home the morning after Ike. Picture taken coming from Rice Military to Montrose. Allen Parkway under water.

This has been quite a week! I started the week in ABQ (Albuquerque), drove 4 hours to El Paso, and ended up back in HOU just in time for Hurricane Ike. Thursday afternoon Houstonians were already starting to evacuate. As my plane landed everyone had their noses smashed to the window assessing the traffic. I was lucky; a friend emailed me directions to my house taking the back roads. I got home in 45 minutes, which is great! When Houston is in evacuation mode, a 30 minute drive could take you 3-5 hours. Once I got to my neighborhood I went to Kroger. The shelves were empty; they were out of bread, fruit, and most importantly diet coke. On the way home another car rear-ended me. I’m a very nice person to hit; I don’t get upset or mad.

I decided to stay at a friend’s house the night Ike hit. I live in an old part of town; my house was built in the 1930’s. Personally, I love it… lots of charm and character but it’s not good for hurricanes. Ike hit Houston around 2:00 AM. I was up through most of the night.

You have to make hurricanes during a hurricane. This is rare~I posted a picture of myself in workout clothes, pigtails, and no make-up.

The next morning the mayor requested that everyone stay home and not drive around to see the damage. I couldn’t just sit there; I wanted to see if my house was still standing or if I still had a roof. I was lucky, I had just a little water come in through the roof. A bunch of trees and power lines are down in my yard and around my house. We are being told it could be 1 day-3 weeks before everyone has their power is restored. The worst part is we have no water. I could live without power for a week or so but water! Lindsay and John live in a suburb west of town; they have power and water. I’m staying with them for a couple of days. After that I’m not sure??? I’m thinking I’ll go home and clean out the refrigerator and pack some clothes and go to San Antonio to stay with my parents. Wow~ being homeless is not fun. I’m so homeless Joe! (D~ that was for you) Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

My building~ what a mess!

My front yard


A Retail Victory!

Last week I had a victory at my favorite store! At the beginning of the summer, I tried on the turquoise dress in the photo below. I loved it but it was $148. Sometimes I have to pay full price for items I love because my size is unavailable when it finally goes on sale. I decided I wasn't going to pay full price for this dress and walked away. I figured I would never see it again in my size. Well... last week I happened to walk into my store and it was on sale for $39.95 and they had my size. That is a retail VICTORY!

I've seen collages from Polyvore.com and decided to try one with my new dress. Polyvore SO fun. It reminds me of creting "color boards" in my interior design class in college. I ended up wearing the dress to church on Sunday with my sparkle jewelry and headband instead of the pearl jewelry I had originally picked in the collage. Note: I have all the accessories in the collage except for the fabulous, amazing, beautiful Chanel bag. Dream on sister!

Caroline (Lindsay and John's daughter) and I resting after church. I love it that she's smiling behind her pacifier.

Sweet Face

Last but not least, thank you to everyone for your sweet, encouraging comments about my upcoming trip to China. I am honored to "know" such a wonderful community of women. Your thoughts and prayers mean to world to me. Thank you for sharing your lives with me through blogger. You inspire me everyday.