Lingerie Shower

Saturday night Lindsay, Melissa, and I hosted a lingerie shower for Jana at Lindsay's home. It was SO fun.

The Hostesses

Dinner~ John prepared the dinner and left us great instructions for serving. He even had a time line for us. Everything was perfect and delicious. Thanks, John.

Opening Presents

Party Favors~ Vintage Candy from our childhood complete with ring pops, candy necklaces, chicklets gum, candy lipsticks, fun dip, gummies, and orange & strawberry soda.


Wearing Mascara said...

How FUN! I LOVE the party favor idea with the vintage candy! That's right up my alley - I may steal the idea down the road :-) Awesome!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hey Jill~

Just thinking about you and your upcoming trip...

What a fun party you helped host. What great details!

I saw that you attended the YR meeting in Houston. Hope it was fun and interesting. We are friends with Dr. & Mrs. Branch here in town. Their son is Daniel Branch who is a state rep in Dallas. It is always fun to hear about who they've gotten to meet through the years. For Dr. Branch's 80th birthday a couple years ago they had a special tour of the White House. Maybe they can find the perfect young republican for you to meet and become First Lady. ;o)


jana said...

Again, thank you so so so so much - that was the most fabulous shower ever and I had a blast!

Love you Lots,


Dawn said...

How fun! First, John sounds like he's a keeper :) AND love the vintage candy favor bags!!!

Lori said...

How fun, cute pictures!

Danielle said...

So cute!!! I love the party favors, and the food looks fantastic. You did a great job! :)

Did you save any candy for me? The gummy colas sound pretty good right now.

I tried calling today. Hopefully you'll be around tomorrow?

Oh, and I can't believe you apologized for sending my gift late after a hurricane! Really?! Hehe. :)



Heather said...

That looks like such a fun time. Your hair looks adorable!

Amy said...

What a great shower - love the favors!!

Danielle said...

You really need to check my blog.

Janet said...

You girls really know how to do a party. Lucky Jana.