Happy 2011 & the Top 20 of 2010

Happy 2011! I hope y'all had a great New Year's Eve. I had SO much fun last night... I was in bed and sleeping by 11:00 PM. I'm not joking about having fun and getting to bed early. Lately I've been beyond tired and exhausted! :) In keeping with tradition, I'm posting my "Top 20 in 2010" list. Hope your New Year's Day is off to a fantastic start.

Top 20 in 2010

1. Surprise- New Job
(and very little time for blogging)

2. Color- Pink

3. Product- Per-fekt Body Perfection Gel
The Body Perfection Gel is similar to a sunless tanner but doesn't look as fake as most sunless tanners AND it doesn't smell strange. I purchased it from Henri Bendel in NYC but was excited to learn Sephora sells it too.

4. Introduction- My nephew, Trent

5. Achievement- Continental Platinum Elite Status

6. Accessory- Marie Hayden Headband

7. Purchase- Car
Since I resigned from my job in February that included a company car, for the first time in my life I had purchase a car. Cars are overrated; I'd rather buy clothes. :)

8. Party Planning- Sister’s Baby Shower

9. Favorite Dresses of the Year-

10. Missed- Pawpaw

11. Steak- Ruth’s Chris is still the BEST

12. Hotel - Hilton
After being a loyal Marriott customer for the last 12 years, I switched to the Hilton. Switching brands is a big deal if you're a frequent traveler.

13. Favorite Photo- NYC

14. Exercise- Pilates

15. Event- Jarrett (Brother) & Kate’s Wedding

16. Shoes- Pink Tory Burch Revas

17. Technology- Apple
I purchased my first Mac Book. I'm still learning how to do everything on it (don't have a lot of time). However, it's a GREAT computer. I'm not a fan of the crazy-Mac-obessed-snobs... really nobody cares that much but if you're debating between a Mac and PC, go with the Mac.

18. TV- The Real Housewives
Orange County, NYC, DC, and Beverly Hills kept us entertained and wanting more.

19. Song- From the Inside Out by Hillsong United

20. Broadway- Wicked