Gender Reveal Party

My brother, Jarrett and sister-in-law, Kate are expecting their first baby.  We're SOOO excited.  Their sweet friend Michelle hosted a Gender Reveal Party for Jarrett and Kate.  The party was so cute and well thought out!  I wish I could take the credit.

The Voting Station

Every Guest Voted.  Boy or Girl???

After voting, each guest wore a sticker that said "I Voted!"
It was fun to see how everyone voted.

After the votes were tallied and everyone had a bite to eat, we were each handed an envelope with a number.  Starting with number 1, we opened the envelope and read the card inside.  It was a poem Michelle wrote about babies.  She's so creative.  Kate had the last envelope.  As she begin to read it, she teared up.  I knew my vote was correct.  IT'S A GIRL!!!!

Kate (left) and Me, the proud Aunt

A party is never complete without party favors, especially sugar cookies with lots of icing!

Party Favors
Party Favors

Party Favors