Sadie Update

It's been a while since I wrote an update on Sadie, the little girl I sponsor at New Day Foster Home in China. Isn't she cute?

The Update....

Sadie (Camille) is 1 Year 1 Month Old. We're excited to announce that Sadie has been matched with an adoptive family, and they've decided to name her Camille.

Camille is doing well and continues to grow more beautiful each day. Her eyes are one of her most attractive features and she looks like a little doll baby! Camille likes to call the nannies “aunt” and when she does, it makes us smile. She will sometimes mouth the word “aunt” without saying it out loud and it is the cutest thing to see. We are very pleased with Camille’s development and look forward to being a part of her life as she continues to learn new things and to grow into a healthy toddler.