New Blog Names

I really love all the new possible blog names. I’m just so indecisive. Thanks for all the votes today. Each of the blog names has a meaning. Here's a little explanation...

"Black Ruffles and Pink Roses"- My sister thought of this one. She was inspired by my 30th birthday party dress. It’s a Betsey Johnson dress and I love, love it. BJ dresses are always full of ruffles and fluff! See picture below.

"Peep Toe Pumps and Pearls"- These are my two favorite accessories. During hot weather(the majority of the year), I wear dresses, pumps, and pearls (even to baseball games)!

"Room Service Please!" - Lately I’ve been traveling about 90% for work. I also love to travel for fun. With work and fun travel combined, I stay in A LOT of hotels. I love good room service. Once I was working on Staten Island for a week. Every night I had a crème brulee with fresh berries sent to my room. That’s not really a good thing but it was fun!

"These Boots are NOT Made for Walking"- I’ve said this so many times in my life. I love knee high boots with a tall heel and I wear them often in the winter. I went to church once with a friend, Fred. Afterwards, he suggested a Chinese restaurant. Chinese is a little heavy for lunch but I agreed. We pulled up to the restaurant and it didn’t open until noon. There was an Ikea in the parking lot so we decided to walk around Ikea until the restaurant opened. I headed for the car and Fred looked at me with a strange look and said, “We are not driving, Ikea is right there.” I replied, “Fred, these boots are not made for walking.” He didn’t think it was funny and we did drive.


I have decided to re-name my blog. The current name, Jill’s Blog, is boring and dull. I have 4 ideas for the new name but I can’t decide which one to pick. I like them all but I love two of the four. I won’t tell which two! Also, my sweet friend Danielle pointed out that I have my last name in my URL, probably not a good idea. I guess I’m too trusting of people. You’ll be seeing a different name on the blog and a different look soon! Thanks for voting.


Fabric Shopping

I LOVE fabric. My mom and I went fabric shopping last week at this great little shop in Kerrville, TX. We were in the store for over 2 hours. It was so much fun. We bought some great pieces. The strawberry fabric (in the first picture) is for an apron. The rest of the fabric is for dresses.

My mom is the most amazing seamstress. She can make anything! In college I wanted this great dress for my sorority formal. Hope Brady wore it on Days of Our Lives so of course, it was a must have for my formal. I came home for Spring Break and we found it at the Houston Galleria. I couldn't believe we found the dress. Unfortunately, it didn't fit and it was very expensive. So, my mom made it! It ended up looking and fitting better than the dress at the Galleria.

My mom will be making the dresses with my new fabric and I'll work on the apron. I'm in the process on learning how to sew. It is SO hard and I lose patience with it. My major was fashion merchandising. Sewing was a requirement for my major but I don't remember much from the class. I do remember having to make a button down shirt with a pocket. Our professor said we could work on the projects outside of class if we had access to a sewing machine.

A friend from my hometown was going home for the weekend and ask if I'd like to send anything home with him. I knew exactly what I would send home with him... my sewing project. I called mom and told her I would be sending her my shirt and ask her if she could complete the pocket. She actually did it. My professor was amazed at how great my pocket was. Thank goodness she didn't ask me to do another pocket in class.

I think I have a long way to go with my sewing!

My Favorite Piece


Happy 30th Birthday, Jenn!

Jenn's 4th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my sister, Jenn's, 30th birthday. I can't believe she's 30 (neither can Jenn); I feel like I just had my 30th birthday party. We had dinner on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, followed by a private boat ride. Surprisingly, it wasn't too cold on the river. It was great fun! Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Birthday Girl

Jenn driving the riverboat

Jenn and Ryan


Kate and Jarrett

Ryan, Jenn, Bret, and Jenny

Sarah, our international friend

The Girls


Nothing to Say...

When I starting blogging, I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to say. Well, that time has finally come. January is always slow month around here.

My weekend wasn’t that interesting. Friday night I cut out a skirt. I had my mom’s old sewing machine here and I didn’t use it for a year and half. As a result, the oil went bad and she had to bring it to the repair shop ($100). Sorry, Mom! I’m going to San Antonio this weekend and I’ll work on my masterpiece...ha ha!

Saturday night I tried a new restaurant with some friends. It’s called Beaver and it’s owned by a lesbian. They serve good old fashioned BBQ, family style. The guys ordered the food. We had chicken wings, ribs, and side dishes. It was good but I don’t like to get messy while dining, which worked out really well because I didn’t eat much!

I also worked on the letters below. It was a simple project. I bought the letters at Michaels. I painted them and added scrapbook paper and embellishments. I “mod podged” them and added a ribbon for hanging.


Our Baby, Daisy

Our family moves extremely slow. Out of three adult siblings, we have no children yet. In the meantime, we have Daisy. Daisy is my sister’s Maltese. Daisy lets us dress her up in pretty clothes and hold her like a baby. She absolutely loves the camera and is really good at posing. We have put her in cute bags and carried her around town. She loves it!

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Happy New Year

A Year in Pictures and the "Tops" of 2007 (at the bottom)...
(Sorry for the dumb song that plays with the video, they didn't have many to pick from)

The Tops in 2007

Color- Still Pink

Gadget- Digital Camera

Lesson Learned- What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Product- L’Occitane Hand Cream

Vacation Spot- Savannah and NYC

Store- Anthropologie

Television Show- The Hills

Sermon- Christmas Eve Sermon at Oak Hills

Song- Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie

Introduction- Bobby Deen

Present- Handmade Quilt from my Grandmaw and Mom

Weight Loss- Food Poisoning in Laredo

Best Line- “I Want to Forgive You and I Want to Forget You.” –L.C.

Spontaneous Treat- Cupcake

Broadway- Legally Blonde

Book- The Lost Daughters of China

Party- Grand Opening of Del Friscos in Houston

Sporting Event- Astros Game (I attended 3 games, amazing for a girly girl. I wore dresses and heels to all the games; I was still representing!)

Craft- Painting Pottery

Recipe- Corn Salad from Paula Deen’s Magazine

Entertainment- Computer

Nervous Habit- Picking Split Ends