Bedroom & L.A.

I finally finished putting together my bedroom. Here's the final result. Unlike my bedroom in Houston, it's very simple. I wanted something clean and without the clutter.

In other news, I'm heading to L.A. this week for work. I planning on visiting Danielle and Kate and I finally get to meet Angela. We have some fun things planned. So excited...

The picture on the wall is straight; I just need a new camera


Fabulous Friday~on Thursday Night

The "Fabulous Friday" theme this week (hosted by me) on Well That's Just Fabulous is "Fabulous Monograms." I couldn't get Mr. Linky to work on Well That's Just Fabulous. If you participate (I hope you do), let me know. Here's are a few of my Fabulous and Favorite Monogrammed items...

Monogrammed Bed Pillows

Preppy Travel Mug from Monogram Chick

Monogrammed Umbrella

Recipe Box from Monogram Chick

Monogrammed Notepad from Melissa's Etsy Store

Monogrammed Tote Bag from Monogram Chick


California Olive Ranch = Yum

Tuesday I posted about one of my new favorite Olive Oils from California Olive Ranch. I discovered it through my friend, Midnight Macaroons. California Olive Ranch was recently rated the“#1 California-grown extra virgin olive oil” by Cooks Illustrated.

Per Midnight Macaroons suggestion, I purchased the Arbosana Olive Oil. “It has fruitiness, nutty tones, and medium pungency.” For my weight watchers friends, it’s 4 points per serving… not bad for something delicious and new!

For the last 2 years, I’ve traveled for work 80% of the year. Since I’ve moved to San Antonio, I’ve been home more than usual. I’ve had a hard time deciding what to buy at the grocery store and what to prepare at home. Y’all, I used to be good at this…

I’ve been using Arbosana Olive Oil for bread dipping and I’ve sprinkled it on salads. California Olive Ranch has a great website with recipe ideas. I can’t wait to try a few of their recipes. It’s funny how traveling for 2 years makes you forget what to eat when you’re at home. What happened to me?

California Olive Ranch has started taking pre-orders with free shipping through September 4 of their coveted, Olio Nuovo, which is produced in limited supply. Shipping begins in November.

Guess what! California Olive Ranch is offering all Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls readers’ FREE shipping through September 30, 2009! You have to try this Olive Oil, especially if you're a "foodie" or you love to cook.

When you’re checking out, just enter “MYPEEPS” in the coupon code section. This Olive Oil is the perfect addition to your kitchen, a GREAT housewarming gift, Christmas gift, or hostess’s gift.

Fabulous Friday~ August 28

This Friday I'll be hosting "Fabulous Friday" on Danielle's blog, Well That's Just Fabulous. Danielle has been very busy with blog designs & stationery, so she's taking a small break from her personal blog. Danielle has asked several of us to help her keep "Fabulous Fridays" going.

How it Works: Danielle gives us a topic each week. For example, fabulous candy, fabulous accessory, and fabulous summer treat. Each Friday you can participate by posting on your blog your favorite and fabulous candy, accessory, summer treat, etc...

After you post your "Fabulous Friday," go to Well That's Just Fabulous and add your name and blog address to Mr. Linky so everyone can check out your blog.

The best part about hosting "Fabulous Friday" is I get to pick the topic! I'm writing about it today so y'all will have a chance to find your favorites, take photos, and post on Friday.

Here's your topic for this week.....

~Fabulous Monogrammed Items~

You don't have to pick just one, you can show us pictures of all your favorite monogrammed items. You can also show us monogrammed items on your "wish list." Don't we all have a wish list? I can't wait to see your favorite and fabulous monograms on Friday!

I don't like to post without a photo. Here's a photo of Danielle and me in L.A. last January. Don't forget to stop by Well That's Just Fabulous to enter your favorite monogrammed item and see another photo from one of my L.A trips. You might spot a couple other bloggers in the photo.


New Favorite Things

I usually don't buy new beverages. I'm very happy with my diet coke, water, and wine. However, I was a Super Target a couple weeks ago and decided to try their Archer Farms Italian Soda. YUM...

My friend, Midnight Macaroons, suggested the Arbosana Olive Oil from The California Olive Ranch. Since Mrs. Macaroons is from the Northern CA area, I knew she was the expert and ordered a bottle right away. I LOVE it. It's great sprinkled on salads or used as a bread dipper.

Since The Southern Belles of Louisville and Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood are over (cry), I've been watching Giuliana and Bill on the Style Channel. I've never been known for my wonderful taste in television shows. :)

So excited! The Tory Burch outlet opened in San Marcos. I stopped by today on my way home from Austin. I picked up these sandals 65% off. Retail Victory!


Painting Tips~ Hopefully

I had several requests for painting tips and a few questions after I posted photos of my dresser and nightstand. Thank you for all the nice comments. I wish I had something profound to share about painting. I’m definitely not an expert and you can probably find better advice on-line but I’ll share what I know. I hope it helps if you’re considering a painting project. Let me know if you do a project.

Supplies I used: Paintbrushes, Sandpaper, Oil Based Paint, Spray Primer (found at Lowes or any craft store), Canned Primer (for the larger pieces too heavy to bring outside), Putty, Paint Thinner, Can of Compressed Air, Old Towel, Latex Gloves



To begin the project, I recommend removing a door or drawer from the piece you are painting and head straight to Sherwin Williams (SW). They are the experts! I brought a drawer to SW and explained what I wanted to do. They knew exactly what I needed and they'll know the best kind of paint to use.

Before you start, remove the old hardware and clean the piece. I wanted to purchase new hardware, which would not allow me to use the existing holes. I used Putty to cover the holes and painted over them.

Andrea asked, “Did you prime?”

I did NOT want to prime. I’m lazy but SW highly recommended priming. They said my furniture could turn yellowish if I didn’t prime. Even though priming added an extra (long) step, I’m glad I did it.

SW recommended a primer in a can. I started by brushing the primer on the small pieces. It was not fun and I hated myself. So, I decided to take the smaller pieces outside and I use a spray primer I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. It was SO much easier. I used the canned primer on the larger pieces in the house.

Jess asked, “Do I sand by hand or with a sander? How rough should my sand paper be?”

Luckily, my furniture was an unfinished rustic wood purchased from Pier One 9 years ago. I did not have to sand it; plus, I wanted the final product to have a shabby chic look. If you have to sand your piece before starting, I’ve heard great things about Liquid Sander but I’ve never used it. Liquid Sander is probably cheaper and easier to use than an electric sander.

After we primed the furniture and it dried, weird fibers appeared on the surface of the wood. My mom said this was normal. We used sandpaper to remove the weird fibers. I used “Sandblaster Sandpaper” by 3M, purchased from Lowes. As I was shopping for sandpaper, I had no clue what kind of I should use. Honestly, I ended up with this type and brand because it said, "Less Work" on the package. It worked great!

Andrea asked, “Did you use a foam brush, roller, or a regular brush?” Jess asked, “Do I paint with a roller or a brush?”

SW recommend a camel hair paintbrush that set me back $15.00. They said it would work best with the oil paint. At the beginning of the project, I used it and my mom used it. We both agreed it was difficult to use and was leaving streaks. We ended up using the cheap foam brushes from Lowes.

I think a small roller brush would’ve been wonderful but I was tired of going to the man store, Lowes. So, we just used the foam brushes I already had.

After the primer dried and we had sanded the weird fibers, we started painting. I let the pieces dry overnight and touched up the next day.

I discovered drawer knobs and handles at one of my top 5 stores, Hobby Lobby. They were 50% off. I love a deal!

My Pawpaw came over with a drill. We measured and made new holes for the new knobs and handles.

Tip~I wore latex gloves as I was painting. It's so messy!

Tip~ Purchase extra foam brushes, you’ll need them. They're so cheap (.39-.99), you can throw them away at the end of each day, much easier than cleaning.

Tip~ Paint Thinner is handy for cleaning expensive brushes and removing paint from your skin.
Tip~ If you’re doing a project this big, work on a few pieces at a time. Don’t expect to complete everything in a day. I painted a dresser, 2 nightstands, and a large mirror. Since I had to work on the project during my free time (weekends and evenings) it took me about 3 weeks to complete the entire project.

Tip~ I love compressed air in a can. :) It came in handy when we were cleaning the shaving from sanding.

Tip~ If you notice a paint drip, take a piece of masking tape and stick it on the drip. If it's not dry yet, the tape will remove the drip. Next paint over it. You don't want the drip to dry.

Tip~ I had help! My mom is the most talented person I know. Back in the day when colleges offered it, my mom was a Home Economics major. She can do anything. My mom is the one who always says, “That's easy to make.” If we are at Neiman Marcus or the best restaurant in town, she can duplicate anything at home.


Weekend Update

Last weekend my friend Tom, his wife Nicolle, and their baby came to San Antonio for a visit. I've worked with Tom for 11 years. I've always said he's like an older brother to me. Last June Tom and Nicolle were married. She is so sweet and I'm so happy they found each other. Nicolle lived in Guatemala for 2 years helping underprivileged kids. So, we had lots to talk about. :)

I was worried about their visit because they live in Wisconsin, where the summers are nice. It's been so hot in Texas, 100 degrees or higher most days. We did a lot of outdoor activities but we survived. We visited the San Antonio Missions, the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and Old Market Square. We took a walking tour through the King William District (beautiful old homes), we took a boat ride, and we had lots of good food.

I wasn't ready for them to leave on Sunday. That's good friends! :)


Grandmaw's Silver and the Ice Bucket

Since I only have 3 dinner forks, I borrowed my Grandmaw's silver last weekend because I had weekend guests. She bought the silver while my Pawpaw was serving in World War II. Shopping always makes us feel better, right? :) I absolutely love her silver. It's vintage, girly, and it has such a great story behind it.

It matches my new dishes perfectly

Yay! Last week I received the monogrammed ice bucket from Dabney Lee that I won from Shore Aesthetic. I love it, it's so cute! Thank you so much Shore Aesthetic!


Latest Project

I'm back to blogging this week. Wow~ I've been busy and I'm staying busy but that's good. :) I had friends in town from Wisconsin over the weekend. We had a great time; I'll post photos later.

Painting furniture has been latest home project. Oh My Lanta... it's so hard! I re-painted a dresser, 2 nightstands, and a mirror. Also, I changed the hardware. I'm planning on sanding the edges of the furniture to create a shabby chic appearance. Currently, the furniture has a slight shabby appearance but I think it could use a more shabby feel.






Hotel Etiquette

Question: Anyone from Omaha, NE?

Y'all, I've been SOOO busy with projects, work, window displays, etc... I'm so tired right now. If you missed my guest blogger post on Wearing Mascara a couple of weeks ago, I'm re-posting here. I've finally decided (or found the time) to write more on one of my favorite topics, Travel Etiquette. The latest topic is Hotel Etiquette.

I don’t have much to say about Hotel Etiquette. Just one simple rule to remember, you’re not the only person that checked into the hotel! The walls and floors are thin. For the record, I don’t stay in cheap, roach motels. I stay in business class hotels. My favorite chain is Marriott…Courtyard, Spring Hill Suites, Renaissance, etc…

My biggest pet peeve is when I’m woken up (or is it awoken?) in the early morning to kids running through the hallways or running in their room. I guess parents forget there are other people trying to sleep and not everybody wakes up at 5:30 AM. Grrr… but kids get to do whatever they want these days, right? Just kidding, but not really.

I’ve also woken up in hotels to extremely loud snoring and the neighbors having s*x. The snoring is forgivable but nobody wants to hear others having s*x. The most memorable moment was in Florence, Italy. My hotel neighbors starting screaming as loud as possible during the act. All of the sudden in the middle of “Oh, Oh, Ah, Uh, Yes” someone yelled, “OUCH!”

I know most bloggers know how to behave while traveling. My hope is that those that don’t will come across these blog posts someday.

I haven’t always behaved myself in hotels….

When my sister and I were young, 14 and 11, our family took a road trip. We had the entire crew… parents, grandparents, and the brother. For some reason, my dad decided to be cool. He let Jenn and me have our own hotel room. We were SOOO excited; this had never happened.

The next morning as Jenn and I were getting ready, my Pawpaw delivered some goodies from the continental breakfast. You know the drill… day old doughnuts, dry muffins, and thawed fruit (Holiday Inn Express). Jenn and I were sitting on one of the queen sized beds and sampling our goodies. I took a bite and said, “This is disgusting.” Next I threw my day old doughnut into the other queen sized bed. Then Jenn threw her continental breakfast into the bed. I'm such a good influence. :) We thought it was really funny but realized we didn’t want Pawpaw or anyone (especially my dad) to see what we had done. So, we threw the covers over the continental breakfast.

Don't be fooled, we weren't always innocent

As we sat in the room with our bags packed waiting for the family to knock on the door for departure, we became very bored. We decided to kill some time by jumping on the bed with the continental breakfast inside. You can see why we were never allowed to have our own hotel room. Ha.

Pawpaw knocked on the door and came in for our luggage. We tried to rush out the door but he insisted on double checking the room for forgotten personal items. Jenn and I told him we he already double checked the room; he went for it anyway. Jenn and I stood in silence as Pawpaw opened the dresser drawers, checked the bathroom and then he pulled back the covers on the other queen size bed. When he saw the mess inside he said, “Awl…” and that was it. We all piled into the family suburban. I was so scared he would tell my dad. If my dad knew what we had done to our continental breakfast, our days of having a private hotel room were done, forever.

The bad attitude years. Didn't we all have those years? Check out our stylish outfits.

Pawpaw never told my dad but apparently he told my Grandmaw, Mawmaw. As we headed down the road, my dad said, “Girls, how was the continental breakfast Pawpaw brought to your room?” In unison we said, “Good.” Mawmaw said, “They told me it was stomping good.”


Guest Blogger~ My BFF

Hello, my friends. Today I have my first guest blogger, my BFF, Tiffany. Tiffany doesn't have a blog, just a funny story to share. I met Tiffany freshmen year of college. We didn't become good friends until our senior year. Summer before senior year, we both found ourselves without a roommate. My roommate got knocked up over the summer and Tiff's roommates flaked out. We ended up living together and it was such a God thing. I've posted a picture of Tiff's bedroom before. It's soooo cute!

This is Tiff's entry way~ Yes, that is a turquoise ceiling!

Some of my favorite memories from college are with Tiffany. I could share stories for days and days but I'll just share one. One afternoon, I walked into our apartment to find Tiffany sitting in the comfy chair, with a stack of papers in her lap, and a highlighter. I said, "Oh my gosh, are you studying!?!" She said, "NO, I'm highlighting the TV guide." To this day we laugh about that. I've never met anyone else who has highlighted their TV guide. She is SO my kind of friend.

Tiffany is known for always transforming her look. She always has a new hair style. In college she even had 2 wigs that she wore to class and chapel. I'll never forget the time Tiff wore one of her wigs on our Marketing field trip to Dallas. Good times.

Here's Tiff's most recent story. I'm including pictures through the years. I'm in a hotel tonight so I only have access to the photos on my computer. There are so many more.


Wednesday I was going to get my hair cut & excited about the possibility of bangs. I was on the phone, walking into the salon, writing down a fax number that I needed, as usual I was multi-tasking. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, wondering what happen & if I could actually get up. My phone was spread across the the concrete in pieces, papers everywhere, my purse was behind me & keys across the walkway. I was very thankful no one was there to see me as I must have had a graceful decent to the ground. I was shaken & wondering if I could move without pain... then a sweet & cute high school girl came out to help me gather all my stuff. After getting up & taking my first step I knew my foot was broken. But at that point I was already at the salon & excited about a haircut.... so of course I went in to get my new do!

Tiffany, Me, & college friend at my 30th Birthday Party

When I limped in I told the friendly staff at Jose' Eber about my graceful activity in the parking lot & ask for ice to go on my foot. They quickly accommodated me. As I was getting shampooed, I knew the swelling was happening & I was certain I broke it. I was very slow in getting back to the chair for the cut & told Derrick, my hair stylist, that I was pretty sure I broke it. He was shocked. He rushed to get an ottoman to prop my feet up.

2008~ Michael Buble Concert

As I was doing my balancing act, once again I started to mutli-task. It's hard to talk on the phone & text, ice your foot & be still for a hair cut! First I finished the work I needed to do, contacted B (the husband) to see if our cobra insurance was in place. I took a chance in texting mom to ask who her foot Dr. was & for the #. Of course neither of my “in case of emergency people” responded. Derrick told me if there was anything I needed to let him know. I realized I might need some wine & he agreed that would be a very good thing! After texting my brother to tell mom to check her phone, I got the info I needed, then sent it to B for him to check our coverage & make me an appt.

College Graduation Dinner

When I get stressed, nervous or overwhelmed, I laugh about it. What else should I do? I'm not the cry in public type of girl. When I talked to B, I was laughing about it & he thought I was kidding! I think it took him a few minutes to realize I wasn't joking. After the second glass of wine I realized I was not going to be able to drive home. Honestly, at that point I wasn't sure it if was b/c of my swollen broken foot or the wine! When I told B to come get me, he too wondered if I was drunk, being silly, or if my foot was so bad I couldn't drive.

Christmas 2005?

After my cut & very cute style Derrick took my stuff to the front for me & I stood paralyzed b/c I couldn't move. I wasn't sure what to do so I just waited & wondered how in the world I was going to get out of there. Derrick peeked around the corner & I waved him back. Realizing this was going to be too difficult & on the verge of making a big scene, he sat me down on the stool with rollers & rolled me to the front!

One beautiful, skinny model getting her hair extensions asked me what happened. I told her I broke my foot on the way in the salon, but I had to get my hair done before worrying about my foot. She just died laughing & agreed.

Tiff's 30th Birthday~ A Costume Party

The good thing about the situation is that my hair looks really cute, I love my bangs & it was still fixed the next morning for my Dr. appointment. The sad thing is that no one got to see my cute hair & I tore a ligament & broke a bone that will take 3 months to heal. That is just about the time I will need another haircut... this time I will be watching my step!