I have decided to re-name my blog. The current name, Jill’s Blog, is boring and dull. I have 4 ideas for the new name but I can’t decide which one to pick. I like them all but I love two of the four. I won’t tell which two! Also, my sweet friend Danielle pointed out that I have my last name in my URL, probably not a good idea. I guess I’m too trusting of people. You’ll be seeing a different name on the blog and a different look soon! Thanks for voting.


Danielle said...

Someone got a few votes today, but people aren't voting for the right name. Maybe you should explain the reason behind each name, because these boots are not made for walking, and room service are just so cute.

But "the people" are loving the black ruffles one. Hmmm...

You have some thinking to do.

Danielle said...

13 votes so far. Look at that. :)