New Blog Names

I really love all the new possible blog names. I’m just so indecisive. Thanks for all the votes today. Each of the blog names has a meaning. Here's a little explanation...

"Black Ruffles and Pink Roses"- My sister thought of this one. She was inspired by my 30th birthday party dress. It’s a Betsey Johnson dress and I love, love it. BJ dresses are always full of ruffles and fluff! See picture below.

"Peep Toe Pumps and Pearls"- These are my two favorite accessories. During hot weather(the majority of the year), I wear dresses, pumps, and pearls (even to baseball games)!

"Room Service Please!" - Lately I’ve been traveling about 90% for work. I also love to travel for fun. With work and fun travel combined, I stay in A LOT of hotels. I love good room service. Once I was working on Staten Island for a week. Every night I had a crème brulee with fresh berries sent to my room. That’s not really a good thing but it was fun!

"These Boots are NOT Made for Walking"- I’ve said this so many times in my life. I love knee high boots with a tall heel and I wear them often in the winter. I went to church once with a friend, Fred. Afterwards, he suggested a Chinese restaurant. Chinese is a little heavy for lunch but I agreed. We pulled up to the restaurant and it didn’t open until noon. There was an Ikea in the parking lot so we decided to walk around Ikea until the restaurant opened. I headed for the car and Fred looked at me with a strange look and said, “We are not driving, Ikea is right there.” I replied, “Fred, these boots are not made for walking.” He didn’t think it was funny and we did drive.


Danielle said...

Oh GOOD. You posted all about the names. Love it. I still hold my ground. I love these boots are not made for walking (not would be italicized, of course).

Puppy ate a cd case and tore up part of Bosco's cardboard scratcher. Ugh.

Leslie said...

I love all of your choices, also love the fabrics that you just purchased. Myah has a dress in the brown floral and it is my favorite! ( I think it is the dress that she is wearing on my header). Such a fun blog to visit!

Jules said...

I vote for Peep Toes & Pearls. It has a great ring to it and it describes YOU. :)

Jana said...

I can't wait to see which one you choose! Are you going to post which two were your favorites?