Project 52~ Week 22, 23, 24, 24, 26, 27, & 28

Well, I'm not sure if anyone still reads my poor blog. It's been so neglected. I've started several posts, just haven't finished them. I still plan to write about everything that's been going on. Thanks for all the sweet emails, checking in on me. My goal is to write a real post this week, not just photos. We'll see, :)

Week 22
Transistor Radio my Grandpa MADE (from a kit)

Week 23
My Mom's Birthday Dessert

Week 24
Omaha Farmer's Market

Week 25
Baby Scrubs. Guess who's pregnant? If you say me, we can't be friends anymore.

Week 26
Father's Day Lunch
I tried to make the table as manly as possible, including fajita toppings in pink depression glasses.

Week 27
My sister and brother-in-law move back to Texas.

Week 28
New bedding for guest bedroom. Oh my gosh... I must have ironed for 5 hours this weekend.


Danielle said...

I know whose pregnant and I am SO happy for her! ;)

Let's talk soon. I'll be in the car forever tomorrow so if you are around call me. Miss you!



Preppy 101 said...

I love that transistor radio that your grandfather made!! Great photos! xoxo

Sweet Simplicity said...

So many things to say--love the radio, the pink flowers are gorgeous, I love your welcome back gift tag, yay for your sis moving back. Ok, I think that covers it. :)

Lexilooo said...

Glad you are back, I've missed your posts!

Jill said...

I've missed you! Looks like you've been busy and can't wait for your posts!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hey stranger! I've missed you! What have you been up to?

Love all of your pictures...wait a minute, you iron your bed sheets?! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

LOVE all the pictures and your new bedding is beautiful!!

Abbi said...

yay...a post!
i've missed you so much!
glad you back on! hope to read more soon!!

TanyaLea said...

Hello Jill! :) Thanks for the nice comment on my blog... no worries about being MIA, I've been kind of behind, as well. Life with a toddler is keeping me BUSY!! ;) Good-busy, though! Sure fun to hear from you and see you on here again though.

How neat is that radio your grandpa made!!...and from a kit KIT?...really!?

And I just LOVE the new guest room bedding...I want to see a pic of the whole ensemble...it looks so fresh and inviting in that crisp white!

What fun that your sister moved back...I'm sure you'll enjoy having her close again. Is she the one who is pregnant??


That Pink Girl said...

Of course we are still reading! And praying for you - sounds like you have a lot going on. Scary or exciting, great or not so great, He knows your needs!

Melissa said...

Glad you're back! Missed you and all of your fun trendy projects!!!! Catch up so we can see what you have been up to!

Jules said...

Hi friend! I’ve been missing you and thinking about you.

I cannot believe your Grandpa made that radio. Wow!

Those cinnamon buns look scrumptious.

The peony at the Farmer’s Market…gorgeous. So pink and fluffy.

The Baby Scrubs are precious, but I’m not sure who is preggers. Hmmm.

You did a great job on Father’s Day lunch, pink depression glass and all ;)

You must be so happy to have your sister and brother-in-law back in TX

Love the ruffles on the new bedding and I have to hand it to you for ironing sheets. I’m so not good with that.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Yea! You are going to be an awesome Auntie.

I've missed you and have been thinking of you LOTS. We need to get together to catch up very soon.

I hope you are doing well. Call me sometime or email to let me know what is new in your world.

Love you~

Kate said...

Congrats to your sister and BIL :)