Quick Trip to IAH

A couple weeks ago I took a quick trip through IAH (Houston). I met up with friends, Maria and Amy, for dinner. I missed Maria's birthday in June so we celebrated. I laughed SO hard that night, especially when we each made an entry in Amy's (pretend) diary. Good times!

When we arrived the sun was really bright but we still took a few photos.

I can't remember the last time I posted a photo of myself... I just haven't been feeling it.

Happy Birthday, Maria!

Maria ordered a drink named, "2 Brunettes and a Blonde." It was fitting for our trio.

After a couple glasses of wine, we were ready for our usual, fun (and random) photo shoot.

We wondered why young girls do this pose in their Facebook profile photos. Well, their pose isn't exactly like this... we're trying. If anyone knows what the pose is all about, please fill me in.


Football and Fried Rice said...

yes, DO tell me what that pose means?!?! OR, why they stick their tongues out close to each others - really? Is that hot?? Hmm, not sure I get it.

Happy Birthday to Maria - looks like a fun dinner with friends!

amazeingteacher said...

yes what is up with that pose???? i always wondered! i'm so glad you are blogging again, keep it up! you look beautiful, as always!!!

...All Things Refined said...

Nothing better than creating memories with fun friends. You are blessed!

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...what a fun time with friends, love the pictures!

Lauren said...

HAHA! Love the pics :)

Sharon said...

Such sweet friends and LOVE the shots of pretty pretty you!!!

Sherrie said...

ROTFL Love the photos! I don't understand that ridiculous pose either. ;)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

JILL!!!! I miss you. I cracked up at these pix because I really don't remember being that goofy with the camera when I was young. Maybe it was because it took so much film and that was expensive??? Yep. I'm that old.

Glad you got this time together.

You look great!!!

When do we get to see each other again?


Danielle said...

Cute photos! Love all the poses.

Jules said...

It sounds like you ladies had a great time celebrating! I love girl time. You look great btw. The Tory Burch flip flops you got for her are absolutely adorable. The colors are really pretty.

I know exactly what pose you’re talking about…hysterical. I think you ladies nailed it.

melissa said...

Love these fun photos Jill .. Although I certainly don't get those teenage 'poses' :) .. You look beautiful, as always!

Pink Prayer Journal said...

You look sooo pretty!