Saturday in NYC

On Saturday, Danielle and I started the day with a free Latte (Hot Tea for me) and a pastry from the Starbucks in our hotel. Again, it pays to be a Hilton Diamond member! I've been a business traveler for 12 years. The Hilton has the best "points" program. They should give me points for writing this. :) After breakfast we headed to Rockefeller Center.

Danielle and I on the Top of the Rock. Great views of the city!
(my favorite photo from the entire weekend, it kinda looks fake but it's not)

After spending more money than I had planned on spending at Henri Bendel and a bad lunch, we headed to the Plaza Hotel to view the Eloise exhibit... very cute!

Next we headed to Central Park. My new favorite way to tour the park is a bike tour! It was so fun. Our guide stopped anytime we asked so we could take pictures and walk around. Because he was great, he received a fat tip!

The Friends Fountain!

This is not surprising... Danielle and I had dinner reservations on Saturday night but we both forgot where the reservations were at! Nice! Now since dinner was undecided, we decided to see another show. We were able to get tickets to Avenue Q. It was really funny and politically incorrect... which is always fun (let's be honest).

If you don't have dinner reservations in NYC, it's very likely you'll be disappointed. We had dinner at Room Service. I love the restaurant name. When I was choosing a blog name "Room Service, Please" was one of my 4 possible options. The presentation at Room Service was GREAT! However, the food was average... maybe even a little below average.

Finally, we ended the day with a few more photos in Times Square.


AndreaLeigh said...

you girls are gorgeous! so glad to hear you had a good time. I've never traveled to NYC - actually, I've never really traveled anywhere outside of the south.

You asked about where I get Cooper's clothes - lots of places! Mainly Old Navy, The Children's Place, Gymboree, Target, and Carters. I get dressier stuff like smocked clothes & Janie & Jack from ebay.

amazeingteacher said...

these are great photos! you look great!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I want to go to NYC!! I've only been once - my husband hates the city? I guess that's why we live in the middle of a cornfield :)

You girls look like had a fabulous time - even though the eats weren't the best? Now THAT'S something we could be sure to show you some good of here in Iowa! lol....

Abbi said...

looks like such a great time! i would love to go to NYC. i've been once but i was very young. i NEED to take a trip there one day. it's on my list of things to do..lol!

love the pic of you and D. so cute and shades.
your outfit was too cute. the dress and boots. so my style.

Amy C said...

FUN! I am loving the boots!

Lauren said...

You are making me want to go to NYC sooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast At Toast said...

No...it was definitely below average. And I treated you to that horrible lunch. What a good friend I am, huh?! I sure do know how to take care of my friends.

I had SO much fun!!! I keep listening to New York State of Mind and I get a little sad. I miss it, and of course I miss YOU!

Don't forget to text me the occasional pic of Trent, and I still LOVE the Trent Tuesdays idea. Think about it. :) Ha!

I have my last post going up soon.

Oh, and I don't have that pic of us! It's so cute. The one at the top of the rock. Can you email it to me??

a!k0 said...

Oh gorgeous city with gorgeous ladies :) The pictures are amazing, makes me wanna go here and now :D Looks like you had a lovely time <3



Amy said...

hey - just catching up with you! first, your nephew is so adorable! next, glad your new job is going well. finally, what a great trip to nyc - im jealous.

ps - i am losing my job after 13 years (think i beat your 11.5 - ha). im sad, but looking forward to the change.

University of Iowa Meg said...

I've been awhile for awhile- but I'm back :) Super cute photos! Love your fall dress...where'd you get it??

CAC muffin said...

looks like such a fun trip! and the food looks amazing!!!

Jules said...

Starbucks freebies from the hotel sounds like a great way to start the day!

That really is a cool photo of you and Danielle at the Top of the Rock.

I’m glad you got to go to The Plaza Hotel and the exhibit. It is so beautiful and a piece of NYC history and culture (I need to visit!).

The bike tour around Central Park sounds like a great way to see everything and that’s awesome you had a good guide. The weather looks like it was beautiful. I love that you took a shot at the Friends Fountain!

I’m glad you gals got take in another show and that dinner wasn’t all bad. That is a good name for a restaurant and that name would have made sense for your blog with all your travels. I still love Peeptoe Pumps & Pearls.

Love the last shot in Times Square and your dress! What a fun weekend.


Preppy Sue said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Great photos!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Okay now I have to go to NYC!! I've always wanted to go but just never had the chance to. It looks like you all had a fabulous time :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay more amazing photos! So fun!

Sorry that the food at Room Service wasn't amazing, but it looks like the rest of the day made up for it :)

Love your outfit - super cute!

midnight macaroons said...

Looks like sooo much fun!!! Richard and I've discussed flying to NYC for a quick trip for almost six months now. We've been swamped and can't seem to find time to get away. After seeing your pic's I've got the NYC bug again. I'm going to have to force him to take some time off.

Love the pic's!!! You look fabulous in them.