Prom Queen

Since it's May and all the high school kids are getting ready for prom, I thought it would be fun for my blog friends to post their prom pictures. Don't be shy, girls! Remember the bigger the hair and the poofier the dress, the better!

Here are the rules...

1. Upload your prom picture. If you don't have one, email your mom and have her send it to you. That's what I had to do. :)

2. Don't forget to include the year it was taken. Again, don't be shy. The older the better.

3. Grab the "Prom Queen" button on my sidebar and add to your post. Isn't the button adorable? Thank you Danielle, The Design Girl. You must check out her fabulous sale!

4. Copy and Paste the rules to your blog

5. Tag 5 others!

Now for my prom picture, taken in 1993.

Gotta love the sequin dress and BIG Texas hair. For the record, I was not the Prom Queen. My high school didn't have Prom King and Queen?

Since I'm starting the Prom Queen Tag, I decided to tag more than 5 people...

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Sandra said...

Oh this is too funny - It may take me a while, but I'll try to do it!! xoxo

Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

It is so sad, but I didnt go to prom!

Petunia said...

You are adorable and pretty at your prom.
OMG--I have some hysterical pics but they are back in New Orleans and my Mom is totally not computer literate enough to email a picture!! Darn! ;-)

Danielle Moss said...

I wrote my post.

Love your fabulous hair and sparkly dress.

jlc said...

LOVIN the hair!!!

Hahah!! Why the blackspots?!

I have to see if I have one to scan!! Ouuu thanks!! :D

That Pink Girl said...

LOVE IT! I'm going to have to dig through photos this weekend. What a great idea!

AmyT said...

so cute!!! love it!

Wearing Mascara said...

Hey pseudo-sis,

Thanks for the tag. I'm gonna TRY to find a picture but I honestly (TEAR) don't think I have one. That and the fact that I want to erase my prom experience... the dude bailed on me like the night before. HOWEVER, I think this is a VERY cute idea and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


Lori said...

Oh how fun Jill, love these! Love the big TX hair (lol) and the sequins.....that must have been the "in" thing?! lol Very cute tag! :)

Whitney said...

i LOVE your prom pictures. what fab hair, seriously! and your dress is so sparkly, do you still have it? this is such a fun idea!

Abbi said...

i love it!! you are sooo pretty!!
i can't wait to scan my pic an upload it!!...lol!
thanks for the tag!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!! I have to go track down my Prom Pictures. I'm so excited...I'm standing up typing this right now! Thank you for including me!! xx Nina

Sassy Engineer said...

This looks like so much fun! I'll have to dig around and find my pictures :) I love your pic - so '90s!

Jules said...

This is too fun! I will post this before the weekend is over.

I love your prom pic! You are too cute :)

Daniella said...

Love the big hair - mine was just as big and my prom was 1986!!! Great pics :)

Laura said...

AMAZING! You look adorable! I'm working on mine right now :)

Amy Maze said...

This is sooo funny! I can't wait to find my prom picture to post because you will crack up! Such fun memories!! BTW...even with "big texas hair" and sequins you are adorable!!

Simply Me said...

just found your blog, so cute!
new follower

Amy said...

This is so funny and a great idea, but you couldn't pay me enought to actually post my prom pictures. Your hair is so tame compared to mine. BTW, you looked so cute in these pics.

midnight macaroons said...

I love it!!! You look so cute!!! I use to wear my hair like that too. I like your dress the best. I'm not sure if I can get to my prom pic's but I'll try my best. Too funny!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, this is awesome! I LOVE your pictures!! Ok, ok - I'll play. I have to go & find my pics?? didn't have digital back in "the day" - HAHA!!!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

This is HILARIOUS! You look great though! I am going to have to rummage around for my pics.

s. pearce feldman said...

OMG. haha! this made my day. i have to find my pictures somewhere... (*calling mom, right now*!)

Beth Dunn said...

That is hysterical. Actually if I still fit into it I'd wear my junior prom dress. It was white with pink and green stripes.

AndreaLeigh said...

i swear I thought I had responded to this. i'm loosing my mind.

love the dress! you are adorable. me, not so much.

thanks for the tag! that was fun.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh Jill I love these photos! Your dress and hair=perfection!