Thankful Thursday

-I'm thankful that I worked in the central time zone this week (Chicago). I got home tonight at 10:20 PM as opposed to 12:00-2:00 AM!

-I'm thankful that is was COLD in Chicago. I love the feeling of the heater on in the car.

-I'm thankful that I had jury duty last week, which meant I was home and I was able to attend my friend, Jenny's, adoption shower. The women at my church are amazing and encouraging and I love spending time with them.

-I'm thankful that my sister and brother are not just my siblings but friends. I love hanging out with them. My brother always makes me laugh. He is very wise and he is truly a man of God. My sister always has great advice on anything from life events to fashion. She is so much fun to travel with; I have a "Girl's Trip" partner for life!

-I'm thankful that tomorrow (Friday), I have the day off and I'm getting a mani and pedi in the morning. My friend, Jana, is taking a half day at work and we're going to the Nutcracker Market!

-I'm thankful that I'm on vacation next week. I'm weary. This year has been exhausting… mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'm looking forward to rest.

-I'm thankful for new friends… Joy, Carl, John, and Mark. They came along at just the right time. Joy is so thoughtful. She calls when I'm on the road to see how everything is going and to catch up. She's always looking out for her friends. She is also a ton of fun! Carl is very loyal, I love that about him. Carl and I like to do a lot of the same things… tour expensive homes, talk about decorating, watch drama filled MTV shows, etc… Did I mention he has impeccable taste? And, John is so much fun too. He's sweet, funny and he makes a mean margarita! Mark is the sweetest guy I've ever met. Of course, he's fun, so cute, and smart; everyone that meets him loves that about him. He also has a deep, passionate side to him. I can talk to him about anything, he understands me (which can be complicated at times). He has a heart of gold, he's kind, and generous. He always encourages me to be the bigger person in a situation and not let my pride take over. Mark is the kind of guy that is a friend for life.

John and Carl's Beautiful Chandelier

Mark and Jill

Jill, Joy, and Carl


Maria said...

Jill, Thanks for being the perfect hostess last night at our annual Christmas girls night! I LOVE my Christmas CD! Merry Christmas!!
Love ya, Maria
ps........LOVE LOVE LOVE your BLOG!!

Lori said...

Your so cute with your little hair band!
Beautiful chandelier!