Things I Love That Start with the Letter "C"...

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Carmex or Chapstick- I am completely addicted to carmex and medicated chapstick. I would much rather wear chapstick than lipstick.

Crème Brulee- My absolute favorite dessert. I love it when a restaurant has a Crème Brulee sampler with different flavors.

Children- I love children so much, especially China babies. I can’t wait to be a mom.

Cardigans- My second favorite piece of clothing, next to dresses, is the cardigan. They’re so classy. I have the blue cardigan in the photo. I got it on sale at the end of last summer, I can’t wait to wear it next year.

Cosmetics- I love make-up and getting makeovers. If you’re ever feeling bad about yourself or having a bad day, just head to the mall and have a makeover!

Caffeine- Who doesn’t love caffeine, my favorite fix is diet coke.

Church- My church has the greatest people in the world. The picture above is my church, it’s so pretty.

Computer- Oh my… what would I do without my computer? If it weren’t for the computer, my life would be so boring and dull. Its hours of entertainment!

China- My heart is always in China.

Candles- I love Yankee candles. The scents are super strong. When the weather is getting cold (which doesn't happen often in Houston) , I love to burn the fall scents.

Camera- I take my camera everywhere I go. You never know when a great photo op. will arise.

Cupcakes- My favorite is vanilla with butter cream icing. Yummy….

Cable- Digital cable is the best. Who doesn’t love recording all your shows, never missing an episode, and fast forwarding through commercials and boring scenes.

Chandeliers- Need I say more?

Cell Phone- I can’t live without my phone. I don’t have a home phone, so the cell phone is it. When I was in China last year, I would have dreams at night that my cell phone was ringing.

Charmin- Random, I know. I was a Procter and Gamble baby and Charmin was a staple in our household. In college I tried generic brand… NEVER again!


Lori said...

I love Carmex too and I ran out and need to get some more, so thanks for the reminder!

Danielle said...

I love this entire list BUT I do not like P&G.