Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all

This year I’m thankful for…
(NOT in order)
~My Family
~A Job
~Freedom to worship
~Grace and Forgiveness
~My Grandparents who are still with us
~My new blog friends, y’all are super sweet
~The power to forgive others, let go, and set yourself free
~Friends that stay with me thorough thick and thin (very hard to come by)
~A foster home in China that provides special needs children with medical attention, love, & hope
~Running into my BGFF (best guy friends forever) co-workers on Tuesday in the MSP airport
~My BFF, Tiffany. She found a card she wrote me 8 years ago about why she was thankful for our friendship and mailed it to me this week.


Chitown Meg said...

I love that last one!! That is so great :) I should hold onto my cards JUST for that reason. Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris and Deb said...

WOW....you were at the MSP least week? Here is our neck of the woods! I loved your "thankful list" Jill! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving....enjoy the rest of your weekend!

sara said...

What a great list!! And I'll bet it was a ton of fun reading that card written 8 years ago :) Those long lasting friendships are the best!

I, too, am thankful for an orphanage in an unknown village outside of the capital of China! An orphanage that saved my daughter's life!

Danielle said...

Love this post, Jill. I am definitely thankful for your friendship! :)

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family! Love that Tiffany found that card to email you. So sweet.

Talk to you soon!