Thank You, Lori

If you blog you probably “know” Lori. Lori’s blog is so inspiring. Everything she touches turns to gold. Lori can decorate, craft, bake, cook, sew and I’m sure I’m missing something. Lori recently started a menu planning blog. She has so many great recipes and menu ideas. The beginning of the week I was working in San Antonio; my mom made the tortilla soup recipe from Lori’s blog. Of course, it was delicious! She is about to open a children’s clothing store online. I can’t wait to see what she’s been up to!

Lori surprised me this week with a wonderful package of some great goodies…. monogrammed tissues, a yummy Crabtree & Evelyn sachet, and a precious picture frame. I love, love it. Thank you so much Lori. I’ve already put a photo of Gracie from the China Foster Home in the frame. I’m sponsoring Gracie for the year and I’m so glad I have her photo in this adorable frame. I’ll always think of you, Lori when I look at it.


Danielle said...

So sweet! Lori is so thoughtful. Last year she MADE a beautiful apron for me, and a Christmas cottage too! She's the best!

Love the gifts she sent you!


Amy C said...

That's so nice :-)

Jules said...

Very pretty!

AndreaLeigh said...

Can't wait to check out that site. I love getting menu ideas and hearing other people's recipes.

Exciting news about the company car!

Janet said...

How thoughtful of Lori! All of the goodies are beautiful. Gracie's picture looks so sweet in that lovely fram.
Love, Mom