Frozen Margarita Recipe

Last week my friend, Jana, sent me a text message asking for my Frozen Margarita Recipe! It's one of the few recipes I have memorized. Of course, 1 of the 3 recipes I know by heart is for a cocktail. I haven't made Margaritas in ages. Ever since I sent Jana the recipe, I've been dying for a good Frozen Margarita. You'd think living in San Antonio, I would get my fix. :)

I'm pretty sure I've posted this recipe before but here it is again... YUM!

Easy Frozen Margarita

You'll Need:
1 Can Frozen Lime Juice
Triple Sec
Cute Garnishes

Pour can of Frozen Lime Juice, unthawed into the blender.
Use the Lime Juice Can to measure the remaining ingredients.
Pour Tequila into the Lime Juice Can, 1/2 full.
Add Tequila to the Blender.
Any Tequila Brand is okay, even the lesser priced versions.
I prefer the Gold Tequila verses the Silver.

Pour Triple Sec into the Lime Juice Can, 1/4 full.
Add Triple Sec to the blender.

Fill the blender with Ice and Mix.
Serve with Fresh Lime & a Cute Umbrella.


The Wife In Her New Life said...

OK I need you to make these for me lol! it's kinda been a long day! thanks for the recipe =)

midnight macaroons said...

Yummy! I'm ultra lazy. I just throw Mike's Hard Lemonade into a blender with ice. My neighbor down the street is the margarita queen. Better than Chuy's or anything I've ever gotten in Mexico.

Hope all is good. We just returned from touring law schools. Richard took the LSAT and will be starting school in 2011. He's been getting scholarship offers around the country. Still haven't decided yet.

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

Yum! I will DEFINITELY try this out! I am a Margarita junkie! :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm definitely trying this recipe! Margarita's are really good! Especially after work on Fridays!!

Abbi said...

hope you and family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Jules said...

Thanks for sharing! A good margarita reminds me of a perfect summer day and I could use that right about now. It’s freezing here!

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

TanyaLea said...

Yummm! ;) ...I haven't had one of these in ages. What's your spin on the strawberry frozens?

Danielle said...

Hellooooo stranger! Just wanted to drop by and tell you that I miss you. Let's catch up this weekend!!