Has it really been 2 years?

Wow, it's been 2 years since I last posted.  How did this happen?  A few weeks ago, I was looking through old blog posts and decided it was time to start blogging again.  Here's a brief recap of the last 2 years (not in order)...

Top 20 of 2011 and 2012

1.  Surprise- Moved back to Houston from San Antonio

2. Missed- Mawmaw
February 12, 1924- March 3, 2012

3. Restaurant- Babbo, NYC

4. Event- Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

5. Accomplishment- Passed the Texas State Insurance Exam
Oh my gosh, it was hard!

6.  Destination- New York City

Live with Kelly and Michael Show

7.  Cocktail- Skinny Girl 

8.  Photo- Trent (my nephew)
This pose was unplanned, a total accident.  
The photographer put Trent in the little chair and he struck a pose.  
So funny!  P.S.  It was Valentine's Day.

 9.  Sewing- Shower Curtain
My mom MADE this awesome (and extra big) shower curtain for my new house.  
I needed a custom shower curtain for the random, curved bathtub.

10.  Purchase- Dining Room Chairs
I worked crazy, hard (normal people don't do this) and earned a decent bonus.

11.  Furniture Refinish- Painted My Grandma's Old Dresser

Using as a Buffet in the Dining Room

12. Party- Trent's 1st Birthday Party 

My Mom, Trent, and my sister (Jenn)
Jenn had a GREAT birthday buffet.  She makes her Hummus!
Yum, I wish I had some hummus right now.
The theme was "Sock Monkey."  So many cute details 
(Top Left) In lieu of gifts, Jenn asked the guests to bring diaper rash cream or eczema cream.
She made a donation to an orpahange in China.
(Top Right) Party Favors in my mom's childhoold Radio Flyer wagon.

13.  Product- MAC Serum

14.  Show- The Radio City Rockettes, NYC

15.  Introduction- Baby Claire
My sister had her second baby in June 2012.  We have GIRL!
"Let the shopping begin" is an understatement.

16.  Subscription- Birchbox

17.  Neighborhood- Audubon Place Historic District, Montrose
I am THAT person that must live in a certain area of town.  It took me 9 months to find my house (rental).  I lived in temporary house for 6 months while the majority of my things were in storage.  So worth it!

18.  Accessory- Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

19.  Project- Decorating and Organizing My House
It took 3 months with my crazy travel and work schedule.

After pictures coming soon

20.  Favorite Guy- My Nephew, Trent 

I really love him!  Can you tell?


Shoshanah said...

I was so excited to see this post pop in my reader!! Glad to see that the past 2 years have treated you well!

CHAS said...

Yay!! I was just wondering about you a couple of weeks ago & shocked to see your post come up in my google reader.

Lexilooo said...

oh so glad you're back!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Welcome back! You have had a busy two years!

Sassy Engineer said...

I am so so so glad you are back! I actually moved to a new blog address sometime over the last two years so you will have to check it out (although I don't blog as much as I would like). Anyway, loved the update on your life - and I LOVE your house - old houses are the best!!!

Kate said...

I am excited you are back to blogging!!!

Love how that dresser turned out. I'd like to do something like that but I'm not crafty at all.

The shower curtain looks just like the one my sister bought from Anthro. So pretty!

Trent and Claire are too cute. I can't believe Trent is a toddler now!

amy maze said...

girl, i was just thinking of your blog the other day and how i missed it! i'm so glad you are back. i'll stop by often! didn't know you had bought a house!!! can't wait to see pics! happy new year!!!