So Me, So NOT Me...

I got this fun idea from Danielle.

So Me


So Me

So NOT Me... Gross

So Me

So Not Me

Soooooo Me~Love this

So Not Me~I feel like a boy when I wear shorts

So Me

So Not Me~A creepy guy in a wheelchair chased me once in Wal-Mart

So Me~I do NOT own this car

So Not Me~ I do own this car... it's free

So Me

So Not Me~Cancun


Danielle said...

Love it! I'm glad you participated. Love everything from the country cottage to Paris.

Oh, I want to go to Paris.

Glad we could talk today. Get some rest. I can't believe you'll be in 3 different states this week (including your home state).

It's time for a trip to LA, don't you think?

Danielle said...

And thanks for leaving comments on all my recent posts :)

Janet said...

Love that black/white yellow-sashed dress. Now you know you would have to reverse the order of Target/Walmart for your dad.
Love, Mom

Lori said...

Jill, you're so cute~ I love all of your choices. :)

Jana said...

HAHAHA!! I love this! I'm surprised you decided Cancun isn't you, though - I mean last time you went you DID get two snow cones! =P

annmarie said...

This is fun! Although, recently, I have discovered I would like to go to Puerto Rico. You wear more skirts/dresses than any other woman I know! =]