Flatware & Gross


Thanks for the advice on the flatware. I don’t know why this is such a hard decision for me. My decision has been between #1, the Dover and #3, the Louisiana. I’ve been leaning toward the Louisiana pattern. I like the girly, vintage look.

#1, The Dover

#3, The Louisiana

My BFF, Tiffany, has advised me to purchase all the girly household items while I’m single. Someday when I get married (not that I’m dating anyone right now), I can say “Well, I already have this set and it wasn’t cheap so we might as well keep it unless you want to buy a new one.” I really hope Tiffany’s husband does not read my blog. Bless him, after they were married he moved into her house. It is the girly-girl house! They have a pale pink master bedroom and a pale pink master bath.

I still haven't made my final decision on the flatware. I'd like to see and touch both patterns before deciding. I'll let y'all know what I pick.

Saturday night I went to a festival with my friend Shelly. The festival is called Wurstfest and it’s held in New Braunfels, about a 30 minute drive from San Antonio. I wasn’t exactly sure what Wurstfest had to offer but I love a good festival.

Oh my, it was the last weekend of the festival and it was packed. I haven’t experienced a crowd like this since the early 90’s when my family went to Disney World on July 4th. There was a lot of sausage, beer, and drunken people. I probably won’t go back next year; it’s just not my scene. I like a place with atmosphere, fancy (local) food, and good wine.

I was shocked and disgusted when I saw a vendor selling this...

Yep, Chicken Fried BACON

GROSS!!! I’ll admit, a chicken fried steak tastes good. However, I haven’t ordered a chicken fried steak since 1994. I was in college and went to Chili’s one night with a few friends; Amy S. was there that night. Amy S., I'm sure you don't remember this. I have such a random memory. I can't remember important things, like the things I've learned in my history classes over the years but I remember the last time I ate a chicken fried steak. Anyway, the chicken fried steak in 1994 tasted delicious but I felt very sick after eating it. I haven’t had one since but Chicken Fried BACON. You might as well glue it to my butt and thighs.

Oh.. gotta run the 2 hour special event Keeping up with the Kardashians- The Wedding just started. Hope y'all had a great weekend.


BakerGirl said...

I love both silverware patterns. I'm partial to number 3 as they remind me of my great Aunt's silver that she gave my mom. I'm the only one who likes it in my family. We are in Louisiana so maybe hers is the original "Louisiana" pattern :-) (j/k)

Abbi said...

i do love both of those! i'm still sticking with my pick...#1!!

that does sound pretty gross but i bet it was good!!!
hope you've had a great weekend!!!

Rachel H. said...

Chix Fried Bacon sounds gross, and I love #2. Mostly because it's the same pattern that my mom has, and we used it growing up! :)

Jules said...

I like both of the patterns that you picked and think that The Louisiana will definitely give you that vintage girly look that you're going for. I know what you mean about collecting all of the girly things that you can get your hands on. It is too late for me, though if I ever get a KitchenAid mixer, I’m going to insist that it's pink! Geof will never use that anyway.

I'm sorry the festival was a disappointment. That is always a bummer. It seems that they will fry anything these days!

I need to catch the rerun of the Kardashians...I love that show!

Amy said...

You're so funny - I don't remember the chicken fried steak, but I can't believe that was last time you ate one! Sorry you didn't have a good time. That sign might as well read "Heart Attack $3.00".

I'm just now catching up on your blog and I like the Louisiana pattern.

AmyT said...

I love #1...sort of looks classic. Both are very pretty!!!

Jill said...

Definitely get the pattern you want, and seriously, most guys could care less. I'm with you on the chicken fried bacon - that's just wrong.

jana said...

Yay, #3 was my favorite. =)

I'm trying to figure out what chicken fried bacon would even BE. Is it just a strip of bacon covered in batter and deep fried? EIW!!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

They are both great options!

TanyaLea said...

Okay, back to the silverware...I have to admit...I'm leaning more towards the Louisiana...I guess because it is almost IDENTICAL to my first set. And I LOVED it. Be sure to purchase enough settings though, as my exact pattern retired and I could never find it again at an affordable price, so I finally purchased a new pattern a couple of years back. But I really do like either choice.

BTW, the Chick Fried Bacon does sound GROSS!...and the festival...not my kind of scene, either!!

Jane said...

I love both patterns as well, such a hard decision!

As for chicken friend bacon, my stomach is already hurting thinking about it! Ew!

Danielle said...

They are both really pretty so you'll be fine either way. They feel SO similar. One is just more ornate. I'm boring so I'd get the simple one ;)

And chicken fried bacon sounds a little creepy. I don't even understand how that's possible.

Kassie said...

I love the second pair, definitely my more "girly" style. :) I agree with you for buying things now!!

In this wonderful life... said...

I LOVE the Louisiana pattern!!!

That festival seems QUITE interesting!!

sorry I've been a terrible commenter lately :o/