Wow, starting a new job is overwhelming! Last week I worked from home and ‘closed shop’ with Ko*dak. I also had a million things to accomplish before I started my new job. Here’s a sample of last week…

-Purchased a personal computer. My new company doesn’t allow personal downloads (i.e.…digital camera, iPod) on the company laptop. Most companies have this policy. In fact, Ko*dak had it too; they just didn’t enforce it.

I purchased my first Mac~ so far I like it but there is a lot to learn

-Dentist appointment

-3 Doctor appointments

-Purchased car insurance. I’m driving my sister’s car for now. Jenn commutes between Omaha, NYC, and San Antonio. I’ll purchase a car later.

-Removed all my personal files from the old computer

-Submitted my final expense report

-Exit interview

-Shopping for new clothes and shoes. I had to get a few work appropriate items for cold weather. My first day on the job was in Virginia. It’s cold in Virginia!

Virginia had snow but not this much

-Packed and shipped my Ko*dak computer and blackberry

-Got a temporary cell phone to use until I have my new blackberry. That was a pain.

-Recorded all the phone numbers from my old blackberry to put into my new blackberry… another pain.

-Treated my family to dinner at the Melting Pot to celebrate my new job

-Hair appointment

-Manicure appointment

-Cleaned out my home office. That was SO fun. I had 3 bags of trash filled with old manuals, software, and training videos. I love cleaning out, especially work junk.

-Cleaned out my company car for pick up on Friday

-Decorated my Grandma’s shadow box at her new home. She has moved into a Alzheimer and Dementia care facility. The home has 23 residents. Each resident has their own room. At the door of their room they each have a shadow box with a brief description of their life experiences, photos, and memorabilia. Of course, I had to make sure my Grandma had a CUTE shadow box.

-Packed for Virginia

-Made a stop at the dreaded post office. Does anyone really enjoy the post office?

-Left on Sunday morning for Virginia

-Spent 1.5 days in VA for orientation and now I’m in ATL. And to think I thought I was busy before.


Danielle said...

So, maybe this massive list would explain why I haven't heard from you in a few days?? You have been BUSY.

A LOT going on here so you need to call me when you can. No announcements on the blog but I need to update you and want to hear about the job.

Hopefully we can chat this week.

And you know about my post office issues...



Sherrie said...

You were a busy girl! Good luck at your new job.

Abbi said...

glad to finally hear from you! i can see why now! lol! hang in there i'm sure it will get much easier once you get the hang of things it will be great!
hope your training went well! can't wait to hear more about your new job!

Ann said...

WOW!! Very busy week!! That is sooo weird that you said treated everyone to Melting Pot dinner - friends and I went there for the first time ever on Monday night (it was amazing) in Pittsburgh - I have blog pics of it!!! Have fun at the new job!

amazeingteacher said...

sounds busy, but sort of fun! so excited for this new life experience!

Lexilooo said...

VA?! Where were you?!

Lexilooo said...

VA?! Where were you?!

Heather said...

You have been a busy girl! Good luck with your new job and with your traveling. I agree with you - the post office is a pain... I hope you like your new computer.

Erin said...

Geez, that sounds like a lot of work.

I've never been to the melting pot and everyone keeps telling me I need to try it.. and that picture may have been the icing on the cake..mmm cheese.

AmyT said...

wow you have been one busy lady!!!! Sounds like things are going really well though!!

Anonymous said...

You are one busy bee! Hope the new job is going great!

Jill said...

Gracious, you have been busy! I'm so excited for you and your new job. I hope you're loving it!

stacilynfeldman said...

Best wishes for the next steps... and here's hoping you get a little downtime in the near future. You've earned it!

midnight macaroons said...

It seems like we are always going through something similar at the same time. I'm really looking forward to hearing all about your new position. I'm really excited for you. Maybe this weekend you can find a little R&R time.

Sending my best always,

Sara said...

Oh my gosh! You are SO busy! Make sure you take some time in there to eat and sleep! ;-)

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness you are a busy woman! I hope that you are enjoying your new job!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Wow, sounds like you have super busy! The Melting Pot sounds so good!

That Pink Girl said...

Aw, so sweet of you to fix up your grandma's shadow box! My husband's grandmother was in a similar type of facility and they also had shawdowboxes right outside the door. I thought that was a GREAT way to keep memories and faces so near. I'm sure she loves it and I'm sure it is precious!

TanyaLea said...

Wow...you DO have a LOT on your plate, girl!! ;) Hopefully the worst of it is behind you. I was glad to see some fun stuff half-way through that post though...starting about about the 'Melting Pot' point! YUMMMM!! Gotta love some good fondue! :)

Glad to hear you put the personal touches on your Gram's shadowbox...you should post a photo, I'd love to see it!! Ya know, since merchandising used to be my 'thang' too! ;) Love that they have a shadow box for each patient...makes it SO much more personal. Praying she does well there.

Be sure to keep throwing in those mani's and pedi's every now and then... a gool massage wouldn't hurt, too!! ;)

love ya!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, my heading is going crazy just reading this, ha!!!! :)

melissa said...

You are a busy girl, Jill! I just switched to mac too - love it!! .. but yes, a lot to learn.
Good luck with the new job.

nault's nook said...

good luck with your new job!!

Amy said...

I am tired and worn out from just reading about what you've been doing. I would love to see your grandmother's shadow box - I bet you did a great job on it. I hope she is adjusting well to her new place. Hope the training is going smoothly and thanks for the prayers for my dad.

Shoshanah said...

The melting pot? I haven't been there in ages! And now I really want to go.

Lil' Woman said...

Wow what a list. Your a busy gal now! :)

Woman Interrupted said...

New beginnings are so exciting. Sounds like a good week and "yah" for the cleaning/purging!

Also a big new beginning for your grandmother. Do show us the shadow box you came up with when you have time.

Kate said...

Wow that is quite a week! Hope you are enjoying your new job!

Jules said...

Congrats on getting a MAC. I use a PC, but always hear how wonderful MAC’s are. I forget how much goes into leaving a job, especially nowadays with all of the technology. I’m glad you got everything out of the way and had some delicious fondue in the process! That was also so sweet of you to make a shadow box for your grandma.

Good luck with everything and I’m thinking of you!

Room 22 said...

Oh my, you have been busy! I hope you enjoy your new mac, they are amazing and so simple to use!
Good luck with all of the transiting, it sounds like it is all going pretty well! (except for the time consuming transferring of data!)


In this wonderful life... said...

you've been a busy lady!!!!!!

YAY for mac! you will love it!

Join the Gossip said...

Wow you are a busy lady =)

I have had a mac for over a year--still need to learn how to use it properly haha!

Congrats and good luck on the new job!

Although it must be freezing, that snow picture is beautiful!

Found you via Chic & Pink, you have a great blog =)