Decorating: Bedroom~ Before and After

My very good friends, Amy and Joe, recently purchased a new home.  I've been helping Amy decorate, one of my favorite things to do!  Since my full time job is so time consuming (imagine that), we've only completed the bedroom.  Well, almost completed.  There are still a few details to add.  I absolutely LOVE the way their bedroom turned out.  Joe even likes it!  Check out the before and after photos.
Bedroom Before
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
-In the seating area on the left wall, Joe is planning to build floor the ceiling book shelves and paint the shelves black.  It's going to look amazing!  I hope my future husband is as handy as Joe.

-The wood floors make such a difference.  I've helped several people decorate and always suggest wood floors throughout the house.  If wood floors throughout the house isn't in the budget, you can add wood floors in key rooms.  Amy and Joe added the wood floors on the first floor of their home.

-We thought about replacing the ceiling fan over the bed with a cool light fixture but we live in Texas.  It's so hot and miserable.  Therefore, the ceiling fan is staying.

Bedroom After

-The dresser was originally dark brown.  I suggested that we have the dresser and other matching pieces painted and add new hardware.  It's a great way to change the look and stay on budget.  Why buy something new?  Just re-work what you have.

-We found the foot stool at a local antique shop for a great price.  It's black with a houndstooth check cushion.  Amy went the the University of Alabama so it's perfect for her!  I love how the foot stool works so well with the printed chair.  Don't worry about mixing and matching different prints.  Try it.  If it doesn't work, you can always move things around or into another room.

-My favorite part of the room is the wall collage!  There are 2 empty frames in the collage that need to be filled.  We purchased several of the frames from Ikea.  They're inexpensive, durable and perfect for completing a wall collage.

Before & After


Brandi said...

Wow, gorgeous!!!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

It is a beautiful space!

Brittany said...

That's so pretty - I love it. I'm inspired now!

Ani Danielle said...

Great job with the decorating! Love the gallery display

Amy C said...

I LOVE my room!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you :-)

Shoshanah said...

I love the seating area! It's definitely something I'd want in my bedroom if I had the space for it.

Kate said...

Wow, you did an amazing job, Jill! I love how it turned out.