Valentine's Day Dinner

What I love the most about Valentine's Day is PINK!  It's the perfect opportunity to pull out the pink dishes and set the dining room table for a Valentine's Day dinner.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day Table Setting
Valentine's Day Place Setting
Valentine's Day Table

A Valentine's Day Dinner wouldn't be complete without a Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar Cart

Dinner Serving Pieces 

Blue Willow, Pink Depression, Silver

Blue Willow and Silver

Pink Depression Lacy Edge Pattern

Pink Depression Lacy Edge Pattern with Blue Willow

Not sure what to serve or you don't feel like cooking?  How about take out? Or pizza?  Why not?  It's the pretty table that matter the most.  


ThePieHole said...

So luxurious!nice photos.
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Kate said...

I would love to have a Valentine dinner party! How fun! I love the table settings. And those glasses!