Eclectic Style

A few people ask to see photos of my house.  Currently, I'm working on a few blog posts with before and after photos.  I would describe my style as eclectic.  I like mixing and matching old and new pieces and doing something that is unexpected.  In each room I have something that is...

~Recycled or Refinished
~A Splurge Piece, usually something new
~A Vintage Find
~Something Homemade or Handmade my mom is an AMAZING seamstress.  I'm a lucky girl!
~A Sentimental Piece
~Something that Mattered

The "Something that Mattered" is my favorite.  After my Grandpaw passed away, we were cleaning out their house.  There were so many little things from their house that I saved.  Not necessarily because the  items were valuable but because it mattered to them and brought back a memory.

Below is a preview of my living room.

1.  Yellow Zebra Print Chair  2.  Grandparents High School Graduation Photo  3.  Lamp from my Childhood Bedroom
4.  Jonathan Alder Coasters  5. Mirror Buffet  6.  Grandpaw's Vintage Radio  7.  Vintage Kodak Cameras
8.  Handwritten Letter from my Grandmaw  9.  Pillows


Lexilooo said...

love the idea of framing handwritten letters! I just might steal this idea, if you don't mind...!

amy maze said...

I love these ideas! That yellow chair is so pretty! Totally in love with your style & decorating. Looking forward to see pics of your house! That pic of your grandparents is so sweet! We're they in the same graduating class?

Shoshanah said...

I love the items from your grandparents, especially the high school graduation photos! I've really been wanting to start printing off older family photos to display in our home and this one makes me want to more.