Rodeo Time

It's rodeo time in Houston. The Houston Rodeo is SO much fun. My brother and Kate came into town this year for rodeo. We spent the day walking around viewing the exhibits, shops, and livestock. That night we saw Fergie in concert. Kate and I, along with 5o,000 teenage girls, sang every word to every song.

My Brother and I rode the ride in the bottom picture. It was actually very scary! I love roller coasters but I'm not too excited about hanging upside down and spinning in slow circles.

I love Fergie!


Danielle said...

Fun! Glad you had a great time with your brother.

How did the cookies turn out?

Again - SO sorry I forgot to call you back. I was exhausted.

Happy Easter!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Looks like the Texas girl came out in you full force and you had a great time!


Janet said...

What a perfect day to go to the rodeo. All of you look sooo cute, but then I'm all together partial.
Love, Mom

Danielle said...

Hey lady,

Haven't heard from you all week. Hope everything is ok. Call me when you can.

I'm "tagging you" to write a certain post. Look on my blog at the one titled "I want to play too" and then (if you feel like it, of course) play along. I think you'll like it.

Talk to you soon.



Danielle said...

Oh, and my sister LOVED the earring holder. Thought it was adorable. Couldn't believe you made it. It's getting rave reviews! :)

Thanks again. I love it!