Valentine's Day

I had such a fun Valentine’s Day. I spent the day with my friend, Debbie, from church. Debbie and her husband, Joel were the leaders of my small group. I got to know Debbie really well and I just love her. She’s so nice to everyone, so pretty, and she has great style!

We spent the day in Wharton, TX. It’s a cute little town outside of Houston. We had lunch at a cute place and spent the rest of the day shopping… my kind of day. I got this great body form at one of the antique shops. I’ve been looking for a body form for a long time. I love this one because the base is vintage lamp stand…so cool.

Debbie and I hit another great gift shop and I noticed my FAVORITE sunglasses in the display case at half off! I’m such a fan of Jimmy Crystal sunglasses. They are embellished with Swarovski crystals. My favorite JC sunglasses have my name on the side. My fabulous friend, Tiffany, ordered them for me at the Dallas market.

I purchased a couple of new JC sunglasses at half price… what a victory!

Thanks Debbie for a fun day!

Sunglasses with my name

My sister modeling a new pair of JC sunglasses


Lori said...

Very cute glasses! What a fun day you had~ I love those days. :)

Danielle said...

Cute! And that body form is great. I just think it looks fun but I'm sure you might actually plan on using it for your sewing?

I'm glad you had a fun day.

Sorry I missed you today. J and I had just gotten home from the store and when I tried to call you back it went straight to voicemail.

Hope you had a great weekend!