Maria's New House

My friend, Maria, and her family just bought a new home. She ask if I would help her shop and decorate. Of course I will help, shopping and decorating are two of my favorite things. We "worked" really hard for two days. One day we started at noon and didn't finish until midnight! It was so much fun; I wish I could do this everyday! I'm so happy for Maria. She has been dreaming of this home for a long time. Congratulations, Maria!

Taking a Lunch Break in Sugar Land

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Lori said...

That does sound like a fun day! Congratulations to Maria and her family on their new beautiful home!!

Danielle said...

Even though I heard all about the day on the phone, it was nice to see photos to go along with the story!

You really did a LOT of shopping! Quite a few bags there ;)

I want to see pics of those cookies.

Janet said...

Maria's house is beautiful. I love all of the new accessories. What an enjoyable experience.
Love, Mom

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Isn't it fun to spend someone else's money???

How sweet of you to use your gifts and talents to help a special friend. I am sure she appreciates it beyond words.

All the best!