The Weekend of a Lifetime

The title of this post, "The Weekend of a Lifetime," is from Leslie and it's so true. We had the BEST weekend! Every minute was so much fun and unforgettable. I was sad when it was over. This post is about the events leading up to the wedding. The wedding itself deserves it's own post! Tiffany had a special day planned for the bridesmaids, the "Pink Lady Pamper Party." She gave us all pink tee shirts with "The Pink Ladies" written on it in rhinestones. She did a fabulous job at making us feel like princesses!

We started the day off with eyebrow makeovers at the Dallas Galleria.

Next we got manicures and pedicures.

The bridesmaids luncheon at the Four Seasons.

The delicious desserts at the Four Seasons

Gift from Tiffany to the bridesmaids

Tiffany's grandmother passed away last fall. Right before she passed away, she hand painted these beautiful glass boxes for Tiffany's bridesmaids. At the time, Tiffany wasn't engaged. Her grandmother knew...

We gave Tiffany a scrapbook with our favorite memories of her and blessings for her marriage

Tiffany looking through her scrapbook

Tiffany and Brandon at the Rehearsal Dinner

Tiffany and Me at the Rehearsal


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

This truly does look like it was a dream weekend. Can't wait to see pictures of the big event. So many gorgeous girls. So many beautiful smiles. So many wonderful memories. I am glad you have such strong friendships. I got goosebumps when I read about the boxes Tiffany's grandmother had made for you. No doubt she was there in spirit.

Glad you had sooo much fun. Although I don't know you, I sense you long for the day that you will be a bride and one day become a mother. I know God is preparing a special man to be your husband and life partner. God answers prayers.


Danielle said...

Looks like you had SO much fun! So sweet that Tiffany's grandmother made those boxes. And I love that you girls made that book for her.

Now I want a pastry.

Lori said...

What a special weekend! The glass boxes are so incredibly special.

Janet said...

Tiffany is so thoughtful. She made time with all of you girls like a girls' getaway. How special and memorable.
Love, Mom