New Finds

As I mentioned in another post, I have been shopping a lot lately. I've been helping my friend, Maria, purchase things for her new home. Of course, when I'm shopping for someone else I always find things I can't live without.

I LOVE these shoes. The picture doesn't really do them justice. They are so girly. My mom and sister also bought a pair.

I got this cute Kate Spade purse at the new outlet mall in Houston. It wasn't a great deal but it was good deal.

Maria and I found this adorable cake stand at Home Goods. It's SOOO cute and girly. I love it.

Enough shopping for a while! This weekend I'm heading to Dallas for Tiffany's wedding. I'm so excited; it's going to be so much fun. Friday Tiffany is having a "Pink Pampering Party" for the bridesmaids. I'll be posting pictures and details next week.
P.S. Be sure to check back for pictures of Tiffany's bridemaid's dresses. They are SOOOO cute!


Janet said...

Shoes, purses and an empty plate waiting for dessert...does it get better?
Love, Mom

Danielle said...

Ok that purse is really cute :)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Great stuff!!!

What fun...

Lori said...

Oh I like the shoes! I LOVE, love, love black-patent sling backs, they're my favorite and I have a gazillion pairs~ now if only I had someplace to wear them. lol