Answered Questions~ Part 2

Midnight Macaroons:

What is your favorite magazine? It’s a tie between Southern Living and Elle Décor

What is your favorite hobby? Anything crafty

If you described yourself as a famous person who would that celebrity be? Good question and so hard to answer because I don’t like many celebs. They’re so out of control these days, especially when they open their mouths about politics. I can’t 100% identify with just one celeb but I can possibly relate to 1-2 characteristic of a couple celebs.

Reese Witherspoon seems girly and nice. I think we could be friends IRL (in real life). Reese seems like the kind of girl that you could meet for lunch or happy hour and chat about girl stuff. I won’t be popular for this one but I admire Angelina Jolie. No “Team Aniston” over here. I would LOVE to talk with Angelina about her work in international orphanages and adoption. I think once you’ve experience a third world country orphanage, it changes you. I understand that about Angelina.

What will be the #1 thing you’ll miss most about Houston (as in lifestyle thing)? Big venue events such as the Rodeo and concerts. Britney Spears didn’t quite make it to San Antonio on her tour this year. :) That’s okay, I’ll only be 3 hours away and I’ll be back often.


What made you start blogging? In 2007, I found a Chinese adoption blog. It was the first interesting blog I had ever read. From that blog, I found more blogs and I was hooked. I had a terrible year in 2007 and reading blogs became an outlet for me. Everyone is so nice and positive. At the end of 2007, I decided to start a blog. I wasn't sure if I’d have anything to write about or if anyone would read my blog. After posting my first several entries, I called my mom and begged her to read them and leave comments. I really love the blogging community. I’ve made some great friends and I’ve had the chance to meet a few bloggers who are now IRL friends.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Or 10? Or 20? Oh goodness, I have no idea. I really thought at age 34 I would be married and have 2-3 kid. I thought I would be a stay at home mom and the president of the PTA. You know how some people are on plan B, C, or D in their lives? I’m on plan M. Ha Ha but I'm not joking.

I am thankful for the path God has taken me on over the years. I was not born an adventurous or independent person. When my parents dropped me off at college I cried. I think I was homesick for about a year and a half. Over the years, I’ve changed so much and my hopes and dreams have changed too. I have no idea what will happen in the future but I’m excited to see where God leads me.


If you could only watch one TV show (other than Gossip Girl) what would it be? The Real Housewives Series... Orange County, NYC, and New Jersey. I can pick a series, right?

I know you love crafts. Do you have a favorite? Hmm, I’ve never thought about it. I don’t think I have a favorite.

What is the cutest thing you’ve ever made? Some might disagree but I think the cutest thing I've made are earring holders from open frames and scraps of lace.

What is your favorite food? I love food, which is why I have a situation right now. :) I go through favorite food phases, Mexican, Mediterranean, Sushi, etc... I think right now my favorite is thin crust margarita pizza... tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. Or maybe that's just what I'm craving right now?

What is your favorite song at the moment? Poker Face by Lady GaGa. I’m so refined.

Hobby you would love to learn. I know you want to learn to sew. Is there anything else? Yes, I would like to grow a vegetable and herb garden, maybe someday when I’m home more often.


BLC :o said...

Aweeee! I love this post. Xoxo-BLC

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love Elle Decor! I love these Q&A posts.

midnight macaroons said...

Yay! A lot of people say that I remind them of Reese Witherspoon (personality not looks). When I ask them why they say she's sweet but sassy. If that could be a good friend in real life; I could be your friend!!!

I so relate to the plan M feeling. I think I'm on plan S now. I wish God would give me an itinerary for my life, HA!

Shoshanah said...

I would love to have an herb garden too!

And I really like you earring holder, not only does it looks nice, but it must make looking for the earring you want far easier.

My name is Megan... said...

those are prob my two fav magazines!!!

Jules said...

I love this Q&A.

1. I think Reese Witherspoon would be a super cool chick in person too.

2. You're so positive and go with the flow! I love that about you.

3. The earring holder you made is absolutely adorable and so creative. I wish I were crafty like that.

Abbi said...

your so cool!!! i've learned so much about you!
i love the q and a's!!!

amazeingteacher said...

love your q&a, jill! we should right a book together...something about being on "plan m"...being 34 and single. content with where God has brought us, but yet (still) hoping for more! i'll start an outline!

SassyEngineer said...

So I'm definitely "Team Anniston", but can we still be friends? Also, I love the frame and lace earring holder. Super cute! Can you teach us how?

AmyT said...

love your post thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

I think I would choose Reese too :)

Heather said...

I love reading these tidbits about you.