Gracie and Elizabeth Update

I've been meaning to post updates on Gracie and Elizabeth from New Day Foster Home. Gracie is so fat. :) She is living with a foster family in the village close to NDFH. For Mother's Day this year I sponsored Elizabeth in my mom's name. Elizabeth was left at an orphanage at 8 years old. Bless her heart, can you imagine? She had a serious heart condition and recently had surgery.

Gracie’s foster mom wrote this update: "Gracie did not go outside to play this morning because the weather is fairly hot these days. She goes outside to play usually from four to five in the afternoon when it is a bit cooler. This afternoon we took Gracie with us to a meeting we had at the Foster Home. Although it was a bit warm, she was still energetic and enjoyed herself, especially when she saw Grandpa Wang, whom she is very familiar with. She was very happy to see him and let Grandpa Wang hold her. Although the other nannies are strangers to her, she is not afraid at all. She even talked nonstop with them while we were there. She is very cute. After the meeting, we had to wait for dad to pick us up to go home so I held Gracie and we stayed for a bit longer in the Foster Home."

Elizabeth’s nanny wrote this update: "Elizabeth is back from the hospital! The operation on April 30th was very successful. Our little Elizabeth recovered in just eleven days and was released from the hospital. She is now more beautiful than before. Her skin has turned from dark to fair. Her fingers and toes are no longer purple and black from lack of oxygen and circulation. When we picked her up from the hospital, she said I want to go back home to the nanny “moms.” Although she can’t do a lot of exercise right now and she tires quickly from still recovering from her operation, taking care of herself is not a problem. She is an “older sister” who enjoys taking care of the younger brothers and sisters. I believe she will fully recover and play outside with other kids in no time at all!"

Isn't funny what Elizabeth's nanny said about her skin turning from dark to fair? She described it as beautiful. Americans (well most) prefer tan skin and the Chinese want lighter skin. When I visited China last fall, Carrie took us to a Chinese Spa. We were there for about 5 hours and I spent around $35. What a deal! We relaxed in different pools... a green tea pool and an aromatherapy pool. As we were relaxing in one of the pools Carrie noticed a sign that described what that pool was helpful for... it was to lighten your skin. I removed myself from that pool as fast as I could. I'm not sure it's possible for me to be any paler. Ha Ha.


My name is Megan... said...

they are just beautiful girls! I'm so glad they are doing well!

midnight macaroons said...

LOL...I hear ya on the pool story. I too have pale white skin. I can never get a tan. I turn red and back to butt white again. So, now I don't even waste my time laying out.

It's so good to hear about Gracie and Elizabeth. I'm so happy that Elizabeth's surgery went well. Hurray!!! And Gracie looks so cute. Those little chubby cheeks!

How are you doing? Are you surviving work, packing, the anxiety of moving? We just went through the whole relocation thing back in February. I'm just getting settled and it's June. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this transition to S.A..

Jules said...

I look forward to reading these updates and I’m so happy that the girls are doing well and that Elizabeth is recovering from her surgery. I cannot imagine being a little 8-year old and being left with strangers. She must have been so scared. I am just glad that she is being taken care of and is in good hands now.

It's so true about the Asian culture wanting to be lighter and Americans wanting to be darker. The people that do my nails are Vietnamese and they always comment on how they wish they had my complexion and I tell them that I wish I had theirs :)

Danielle said...

What beautiful girls. I love that you sponsored Elizabeth for your mom's mother's day gift :)

The lady that does my nails LOVES my translucent/white skin. She said she wishes her skin looked like mine. I, of course, prefer a nice tan.

Valerie said...

Thank you SO much for posting about the girls, especially Elizabeth. And thank you even more for sponsoring her! Her story, especially because she is older, really makes my heart hurt for her. With Carrie and Jacob on a trip I miss hearing updates ... I just sent a package to Carrie & Jacob ... and Elizabeth and it should be arriving any day-- I hope it doesn't get lost!! That will be SUCH a big big bummer. It has something extra special for Elizabeth in it.

Thank you again!--Blessings!

AmyT said...

I love that you update us on this!!! I think you are so awesome!

melissa said...

Just look at Gracie - sooo cute and fat!! ;)
Bless your heart for sponsoring another child. SO happy to hear Elizabeth is doing well. Such a beautiful little girl.