Tonight I flew to Houston (HOU) from Albuquerque (ABQ). As the plane flew over downtown Houston, my heart was heavy. This is my city. I love it. I was born here. In one week, I will live in another city. I know this is the right decision, I have prayed about it since April but it’s still hard.

Last April as I was praying about the decision to moving to SAT. I consulted with my family and 2 friends. My brother, Jarrett, asked me a question during the decision process. Jarr asked, “If you leave Houston, what and who are you leaving behind?” Wow, after 12 years the answer isn’t what I had expected. I’m disappointed. I’ll never in a million years say that I’ve been perfect because I'm not (and nobody is). However, overall I think I’ve been a good and loyal friend. I was almost speechless when Jarrett asked me the question (I can’t answer Jarrett’s question on my blog).

My friend, Midnight Macaroons, asked me how I’m feeling about the move to San Antonio. Thank you so much for asking and I’m sure you never expected such a dramatic answer. ;)

I’m stressed. I’m sad. I’m excited. I’m disappointed. I’ve learned so much about myself while living in Houston, things I never dreamed possible. I’ve traveled. I’ve seen the human spirit at its best and at its worst. I’m different than I was 12 years ago. I’m thankful to my Heavenly Father because I know this is my plan. I’m right on schedule. I’m ready to leave. I’m ready to never leave. Does this even make sense? I’ve deleted so many sentences in this paragraph.

Moving on...

Here’s my overwhelming schedule, I’m beyond stressed.

Friday, June 19- Work in Gallup, NM. Drive 2 hours to ABQ. Catch a S*uthwest flight to DAL. Catch a delayed flight to HOU. For the record, S*uthwest isn’t always on time or the cheapest.

Saturday, June 20- Bring a few items to the furniture consignment shop (including my stinky Pottery Barn rug… PB customer service would NOT help), Friend coming by to buy sofa, Pack, Friends coming by to help me paint my pink room to tan (must get my deposit back), Dinner with 2 friends (this was supposed to be a going away party but I canceled it)

Sunday, June 21- Movers come by for a cost estimate, Church, Drive to San Antonio

Monday, June 22- Work in San Antonio all day, Drive back to Houston

Tuesday, June 23- Doctor Appointment, Pack, Drive to Dallas

Wednesday, June 24- Work in Dallas all day, Jenn and Ryan leave San Antonio, Jenn and Ryan stop in Dallas to pick up Jarrett, They drive all night to Omaha, NE

Thursday, June 25- Work in Dallas, Drive back to Houston, Jenn, Ryan, and Jarrett arrive in NE to unload their moving truck

Friday, June 26- Vacation Day for me, is it really vacay if you're moving? Jarrett leaves NE, connects in Denver, and lands in HOU. I pick up Jarr from the airport, Last minute packing

Saturday, June 27- Pick up moving truck. Movers load the truck. Lindsay and John stop by to bring us breakfast... so sweet, Thank You!!! Leave for San Antonio, Jarrett drives the moving truck. I follow in my car.

Sunday, June 28- Movers unload the moving truck

Monday, June 29- Jarrett flies back to Dallas

The rest of the year- Unpack :)

Don't Jenn and I have the best baby brother, EVER??? He hates it when I use the word “ever” b/c it’s SO Steph*nie Pr*tt from The Hills.


Danielle said...

I'm sorry you're so stressed. I know how crazy your schedule is WITHOUT a move. Just know that you WILL get through this, you WILL be ok, and this is exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

It's not like you're buying a house. You can always go wherever you like. You have family in SA, AND it's one of the top 10 Christmas towns. If that's not reason enough to live there, I don't know what is.

Remember, God never gives you more than you can handle. You can do this, and thankfully, you have the best brother "ever" and a great family to help you!

I know I'm in CA, but if you ever want to talk/complain/ramble...you know I'm here for you.



jlc said...

oh my gosh sure looks like you need a vacay after that! that's an insane amount of traveling!

just remember stressed spelt backwards is desserts!!! now go get yourself some yummy treats!

and way super cute pic of you guys!!! love the flashback photos!


AmyT said...

((((((((HUGS))))))) Sorry you're so stressed - I think I would be too. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preppy 101 said...

Moving in the BEST scenario is emotional and stressful. But you are a prayerful girl, so you have made this decision with His help. You'll be great no matter where you are living. And if you need to you can always come back ;-) Just because you leave a place never means you can't return!

Such a SMART move hiring loaders and unloaders!! And yes, your brother is the best EVER!! ;-)

Good Luck!

midnight macaroons said...

Moving from your hometown is really difficult and emotional. But I guarantee that one day you'll look back and be happy that you moved. Just because you leave doesn't mean you can't return. Houston will always be here... AND when you really need to visit; my guest room is almost remodeled (big hug).

Remember God has a special design for your life. It's been custom made (100% Jill) and he already knows what you need. I'm sure you're going to meet some wonderful friends and have a lot of fantastic experiences. I'll be patiently waiting for your new posts. This is an exciting time for you. Remember, things never stay the same. If you move from Houston or stay in Houston; your life is going to change no matter what. Enjoy the adventures God creates for you and trust that He has it all planned out. Who knows....a dark handsome billionaire who loves Chinese babies could be waiting on you.

SweetTeaOnTheRiver said...

Sorry you are so stressed. However, God has a purpose for you. He always has and this is part of his plan. Go with it and you'll see...

Kristen said...

uh wow! That is pretty crazy but since you have prayed about it I am sure you are making the right decision. You have no idea what lies ahead but how exciting is that?!?

Abbi said...

aw...i'm soooo sorry your stessed! you do have A LOT going on!!! you'll be in my prayers!! breathe in and out.......!!!!
hope everything goes well! keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I don't know you, but I found a link through a post from Danielle at "That's Just Fabulous" and read through this first blog that popped up...and wanted to say that I am so sorry you're so booked! It will be a wonderful adventure and the Lord never packs on more than your spirit can take, so I pray that you keep that close to your heart in this busy season!


PS - I am also an HTX girl moving this summer. My move is a bit heavy though considering I will be all the way out in California - I know how it feels to never want to leave this great city behind! Good luck :)

Rachel H. said...

Your schedule looks so busy, and I hope that once you get moved and unpacked that you'll have some time to yourself to relax!

I'm so excited for you, and I'm confident that this will be a blessing!

Woman Interrupted said...

OMG! That is a crazy schedule. Can you take a day off after all that just to catch your breath?

Stay calm, and the Lord will get you through this week!

Good luck in SAT! Your Houston friends are only a few hours away and I'm sure they'll be visiting, because who doesn't LOVE SAT?

Jules said...

I know that you're moving with mixed emotions, but you have thought about this and prayed on it. I am sure that you're making the right decision and that many great things are just around the corner.

It is a little crazy right now because of the move and how busy you are, but it will settle down soon. It's a good thing that you hired movers. That should help a lot.

I love the family photo of you and your siblings!

Heather said...

I am sorry for your crazy schedule. I hope the move will be great for you.

melissa said...

Thinking of you, Jill and keeping you in my prayers.
Hope all will slow down for you soon!

Treasure Ann said...

Rest in God's peace Jill. It takes time to adjust and adapt. I'm praying for you. Everything will sooth over soon.

Jules said...

HA! A crab fry is like a regular fry, but with old bay and other seasonings. It has a good, spicy kick and it is so delicious!

Mel said...

I am exhausted just reading your schedule! Moving is tough, but you can always go back to Houston...just keep that in mind. Who knows what new and great experiences await you??

Kate said...

I am keeping you in my thoughts Jill! I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly :)

I think we were in Gallup at the same time! Too funny!

My name is Megan... said...

Gosh you are so very busy! My crazy week hasn't(doesn't) compare to that!! Take one step at a time :) I hate stress but God is going to make things fall together perfectly! :)