Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I hope y’all had a great Independence Day! The majority of the day, I unpacked and organized my office. The office room is big so I’m using it as a craft room too. For dinner I went to my parent’s house for BBQ. My mom and I spent the evening working on a project for my bedroom. I’ll post about it this week, it’s cute! Don't forget to enter my summer giveaway!

I have several “Thank You” posts I need to catch up on. The Saturday before I left Houston, I had a “Going Away” dinner with Houston friends, Lindsay and Jana. They brought gifts; I was not expecting gifts! Thank you so much Lindsay and Jana. You didn’t need to bring gifts, just getting together is always perfect for me but I really appreciate it.

Gift from Jana~ A cute plate and cup with the perfect phrase! She also gave me a very generous gift card to Pottery Barn. Thank you!

Gift from Lindsay~ First season of Big Love, a picture frame with a Bible verse, and Cupcake Wine. She also gave me Alamo cookies and Margarita sours in honor of my move to San Antonio. I ate them so no photo available.

Angela at Sweet Tea Diaries surprised me this week with a little housewarming gift. I was shocked when I had a package in the mailbox. She also sent a Happy July 4th card. She's so sweet!

Pretty Packaging

A Strawberry Wall Flower from Bath and Body Works! Thank you so much, Miss Sweet Tea. I love it. I plugged it into the kitchen outlet. Every time I walk in the house I can smell it. Yumm... I love BBW, I used to work there. :)

John C. (Lindsay’s husband) helped me SO much during the moving process. Sometimes John C. leaves comments; I think he’s the only guy who reads my blog! Thanks, John. John C. has always been such a good friend and so helpful. Several years ago, I hosted a birthday party for Jana at my apt. John volunteered to be our personal chef for the evening (he’s really good). He brought every ingredient you can imagine for stir fry, even tofu. We each went into the kitchen and picked our ingredients. John C. made everyone their own dish and he washed the dishes. That night he cleaned my disgusting blender. I was so thankful; it was covered in sticky margarita yuck. He also made all the food for Jana’s lingerie shower last fall and he’s the guy who makes us the delicious Frozen Hot Chocolate! John C’s Frozen Hot Chocolate is much better than Serendipity in NYC, I promise.

John C. helped me take down thousands of curtain rods and 2 wall units used for clothes in my closet room. Oh and Lindsay helped too, thank you! John C. helped me paint my pink room to tan. He brought boxes from their attic, old sheets to wrap glass, a drill, and packing paper. John C. gave me good advice. For example I was going to wait to pack several things at the last minute. John told me, “That is going to take you longer than you think. You should do it tonight.” He was so right! Also, I was going to trash the wall unit I used in my closet room. John suggested I bring in San Antonio and told me I might end up needing it. Again, he was right. I desperately needed shelves in the closet in my office. The wall unit from Houston was perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you, John C. I’m sending you a little surprise this week. Don’t worry it’s not stationery, pink, or fluffy.

Shelves from HOU. I almost threw them out!

John C. and Lindsay dropped by on moving day to bring my brother and me kolaches (a HOU favorite). Thank you, again. That was so sweet and thoughtful. As I was leaving HOU that morning, I followed Lindsay and John to Katy (a burb on the way out of HOU to SAT). I had one last errand to run before I left town, drop off my DVR. Hmm... the DVR was the last thing to go, I must keep my priorities straight, right? Anyway, Lindsay and John C. stopped at the cable store to say goodbye. I cried! I really couldn’t have done everything without their help and support. Thank You!

Last but not least, I want to thank my brother Jarrett. (I feel like I’m giving an Oscar speech) I’ve said this before, Jarrett is an amazing person! He is the most unselfish guy I’ve ever met. Jarr will do anything to help anyone. He’s kind, he has a huge heart, he’s positive, he’s compassionate, and he’s wise. Jarr helped me find the loaders and un-loaders in HOU and in SAT. Jarr researched and found the best deal on a moving truck. He flew from Nebraska to HOU (after helping my sis and brother-in-law move). He drove the moving truck from HOU to SAT (he lives in Dallas). Our un-loaders in SAT weren’t as good as the HOU loaders. It was an extremely HOT day but Jarr was outside helping the movers, even though we were paying them a flat fee and not by the hour. Our family is so blessed to have such an amazing brother, son, and grandson. I’ve always said one of the reasons it’s hard for me to find a good guy is because I compare them to the men in my life. Thank you, Jarrett. I love you!

Jarrett sporting my Kodak hat. I'm not lying, I was given this hat to WEAR when I volunteered at our booth at the ABQ Balloon Fiesta. Didn't happen!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Is that a Rosanna plate and cup?! Rosanna dishes are my fave! It sounds like you have some great people in your life. A very blessed girl indeed.

Lexilooo said...

I worked at BBW too!

How is the cupcake wine? I was home last weekend and my sister and I saw it at the grocery store and bought a bottle, but never drank it, so it is still in my parents fridge, until I am home next!

Jarrett said...

Thanks Jill! I'm honored. "I'd like to thank the academy...." :P

Rachel H. said...

So sweet that so many people helped you out...so loved! :)

midnight macaroons said...

The plate looks like it was totally made for you. I think it's adorable. You'll have to let me know all about the cupcake wine and if you liked it. You have some pretty amazing friends and family. Good luck getting settled in.

Your brother looks cute in the Kodak hat. Don't you hate it when the company makes you wear their logo shirts/hats? I got stuck wearing a dorky polo for my company a few years ago. I was so mad; it made me look fat.

Petunia said...

It sounds like your move went smoothly!

Shoshanah said...

You clearly have some great friends to give you such awesome presents. Their and time is of course a big one. But cupcake wine? Considering I pick win based on their labels I would totally buy this

Tami said...

Glad to see you're settling in...with a few extra new things from some dear friends!


My name is Megan... said...

what SWEET people! you are one lucky girl. I think they will miss you greatly being so close!

Abbi said...

glad to hear everything is goin well and your done unpacking..that's huge!!!
what sweet people!
and that plate ....that's all you ....and me!! i love it!!!

Daniella said...

great gifts and your friend and family sound amazing. Enjoy your time settling in to your new home.

Jules said...

Thank goodness for sweet friends and family. I often don't know what I would do without people like that either, especially when I'm moving.

You received some very nice gifts. The cupcake wine just sounds like it tastes good! I used to be really into Big Love and then got behind and never caught up. It is a great show. The plate and cup is adorable and looks like it was made for you!

Totally off subject, but I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comments lately. I think that even when you're in a relationship that it's still so important to keep close relationships with your girlfriends and that is exactly what I try to do. Hubby still has his guys’ nights and I really think it helps maintain a nice balance for us.

Danielle said...

Such sweet friends (and family)! My housewarming gift will be a little late. I have it but still need wrapping paper AND I need to get to the post office.

Hopefully you'll get it in July. ;)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hey Jill! So glad you liked your little surprise!! I'm glad the move went well for you. Your brother and friends all sound fabulous!