My friend, Lindsay, and I have this really weird thing we do. It started at a graduation party a couple of years ago. Lindsay asked me if I would go on a date with Yao M*ng, the Houston R*ckets player from China. She doesn’t know Yao; it was a hypothetical question. My answer was “NO,” nothing wrong with Yao just not my type. Then Lindsay asked me if I would go on a date with Yao for $1000. Well, of course I would! Then she asked if I would accept an expensive gift from Yao. My answer, “No.” Would you accept a gift from Yao for $10,000? You get the picture.

The Yao questions started a “thing” we do. Would you do _____ for $1000, $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000? The “would you” questions have gotten really interesting over the years. The best “would you” questions are probably asked at the Young Republicans Club, when we should be listening to the speeches.

Yesterday I got an email from Lindsay with a You Tube video attachment. She wrote, “Would you do this at your wedding in front of everyone at our church, including the preacher?” I watched the video and couldn't stop laughing. If you’re CofC, you’ll know why this would be so funny at my wedding. For the record, I don’t think I could even do this; I’m not very coordinated. BUT, if I did do this at my wedding Lindsay and John would have to be the couple that joins us. AND For the record, I don’t want a wedding; I want to elope. My mom knows about this plan and is okay with it. :)

My question to you is... Would you do this at your wedding?


Well I Do Declare said...

I would LOVE to be at a wedding where they did this, and if I was a better dancer, I would consider it, but I think my Grandma would have a heart attack!

Britt said...

probably not because while I think I'm a good dancer, I don't have the memory capacity to remember a dance routine. LOL!

I have seen others on the same line on YouTube probably in about August. Here are links to a couple of my faves:




With Love from New Orleans said...

We call them hurrications...and have huricane parties with hurricanes! My mother STOCKS up on them and when we sail she always has a pitcher ready and waiting!

John said...

Now why did you have to drag me into this thing!?!

You would have to have a pretty good booze selection at your reception to get me out there... oh and maybe $1000! :)

Kate said...


Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

I think they are professionals! I don't think I would "Touch This"!

SassyEngineer said...

Since I grew up CofC I didn't do that at my wedding, but a part of me would want too!! I bet everyone would fall out of their chair. We actually had an unofficial dance (my hubby was not CofC). We had a clear area and jazz combo, but you could do what you wanted with it! :)

AndreaLeigh said...


That is a little over the top, but I do love little dances. There's a youtube video of a wedding dance to thriller that I think is hilarious.

Danielle said...

Jill. I am not kidding you when I say that my jaw dropped, and stayed that way as I watched that video.

You know my answer.


And that is SOOOOOOO not you. The thought of you doing that...can't even wrap my mind around that one.

Now for 10k? That's a whole other story.

Jules said...

I tried to get my wedding party to do the thriller dance since we had an October wedding and I saw all the fun dances on You Tube. Let's just say it didn't happen. I totally would have done it though.
I saw this dance on "Rock the Reception" and it was really good. I think that chick used to be a dancer.

Amy said...

I would for $10,000, but I would be out there by myself, cause there is NO way Jody would have done that... maybe my second husband will, ha ha.

Petunia said...

How funny!
They looked like professional dancers or cheerleaders to me!!

3 Peanuts said...

So this seem to be a trend these days and I think it can be really fun~ But I am neither fun enough nor coordinated enough to something like that:) I'd be too shy.


Woman Interrupted said...

Yes, yes and yes! and I'd do it for free! Its just good fun and a great way to get the party going strong. And a great wedding should be a good time, right? But my husband would never agree. Not for $10K. So I guess that's where the balance comes in?