I’ve been tagged by Amanda to list six random Christmas traditions or facts. I'm tagging anyone who wants to play along!

1. After Thanksgiving, the members of my hometown church would collect non-perishable food items. During our Christmas break from school the teenagers would put together food baskets and deliver them to the needy in our community. For a teenager, it was an eye opening experience.

2. My dad used to have an old-fashioned video camera, the kind without sound…think The Wonder Years. On Christmas Eve my dad sets up the video projector. He has a box of the old film….just like everything my dad does, they’re labeled and organized perfectly. My sister, brother, and I each pick 3-4 movies for the family to watch.

3. I love our family stockings. My mom handmade them when we were babies. I love it that they’re so old fashion!

4. We attend a Christmas Eve service at my parent’s church in San Antonio every year. The service is completely moving and reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.

5. Six or seven years ago, the girls I work with started an annual Christmas party and gift exchange. I’m the only one still working for the company but we still get together for the Girl’s Christmas Party! My mom does this too with her old co-workers. I can’t imagine not having girlfriends in my life.

Amy always get football items

6. When I was a kid my mom would bake sugar cookies and let us decorate them. Now days I usually bake the cookies at my house without my mom, sister, or brother but it’s a great memory. Plus, I don’t think my brother is interested in decorating cookies anymore.


Treasure Ann said...

You have some great memories. I bake cookies to, by myself in my home. Sounds like me when I was growing up. Your mom is very creative, I love those stockings. I love to hear about people's Christmas party, and it is so nice to have girlfriends.
Happy Holiday Jill
Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? I haven't, but I did got started.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Oh those stocking are so nice and I remember the ones my grandmother made for me.

AndreaLeigh said...

Great post! I love that you still do a gift exchange and party with your co-workers.

SassyEngineer said...

What fun! My family also had the old video recorder and last year for Christmas my mom had all of the old reels put on DVD. It was so fun to watch them :)

Rachel H. said...

Those are great memories!! Even though I haven't been tagged, it seems like a nice thing to do.