Saw It, Loved It, Seeing It Again Tomorrow

Last Saturday night I saw the Sex and the City movie. Lindsay, Jana, Stephanie, and I dressed up for the movie. I was a little embarrassed being SO dressed up for a movie. Actually, I wasn't embarrassed... I love dressing up. I do wear dress and heels to baseball games. Afterwards, we had a great Italian dinner at a cute, cozy restaurant. We discussed the movie throughout the entire dinner. I won't say anything about the movie for those who have not seen it yet. It's really great. I'm seeing it again tomorrow night. :)

Stephanie and Lindsay

The Group~ I'm not loving this pic. My dress is a little too big and puffy.

I can't say that my friends and I are similar to the characters in SATC. We are all very conservative and clean cut. I guess we all identify the most with Charlotte. I really LOVE Charlotte because she has a daughter from China, she's sweet, and dresses cute. :) Although, at times I have flet like Carrie and Miranda (minus the whole sleeping around thing~DON'T do that).


Amy said...

I would love to see this movie, but I don't think I can find the time to go. I'll probably wait til it's out on DVD. And yes, that is Pam's twin girls - they were 7 in January. It goes too fast. I have never watched Jon & Kate Plus Eight but I've heard it's good. And your dress is NOT too puffy - you look so pretty in it!