A Surprise

Tonight when I arrived home from a very short business trip, I had a package at my door. I was SO excited. The package was from New Day Foster Home in China. I've mentioned my friends, Carrie and Jacob , in a past post. This is the Foster Home they are serving at. The staff at New Day is so sweet. They designed these beautiful and classy note cards as an appreciation to their donors. The note card has a Chinese Knot in the upper left corner. “The Chinese Knot is made by hand from a single piece of string; the Chinese Knot is an age-old symbol of the interconnectedness that binds us all together.” I absolutely love the note cards and the meaning behind them!

The letter from New Day said, “We believe that our children are not the victims of chance and circumstance, but that their lives have great significance and purpose, and together we have the honor and pleasure of being a part of their lives for a short time while they wait for their forever families.”

The Pretty Package

The Note Cards

(not my greatest photo)


Amy C said...

OMG!!!How nice!! I love the packaging!!!

amazeingteacher said...

love it!