A Relaxing Day

Saturday Amy and I had a relaxing day of grooming and shopping. I have many days where I NEED to be groomed... manicure, pedicure, eyebrow wax, haircut, new make-up, you name it. Well, Saturday was one of those days. I needed a manicure so bad. My cuticles were dry and flakey. So, for our June Girl's Night we had manis and pedis and then shopped at the Galleria. We stopped by my favorite candy store in the world, Dylan's Candy Bar. I used all my self-control and just looked at all the delicious candy and didn't buy anything. Yay... Me!
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Jenn said...

I love Dylan's!!!! FUN DAY

Blogs by Danielle said...

Looks like so much fun! Speaking of manicures I need one! I think I'll try to go tomorrow.

Hope your drive is going well. Sorry my phone died. I'm going to call you in a few. Kitten is chewing on my hand as I type this. Not very classy :)


Janet said...

You didn't get that self control from me. I'm really not sure where it came from. We all rarely refuse sweets.
Love, Mom

Amy C said...

I love the whole collage of pictures...how do you do that? Is that a Danielle tweak :-)