A Completed Project

In January I posted about a fabric shopping trip my mom and I took to Kerrville, TX. We picked up some great pieces and she has completed one of the dresses. Actually, she completed it a few weeks ago. I wore it to Tiffany's bridal luncheon and many other places, including the dentist. I just really love it. My mom spent a lot of time working on it. I thought the dress deserved its own post. :) Thank you so much, mom. You are so talented!

I also purchased some fabric for an apron. I'm ashamed to admit I have not started it yet. I started a white tiered skirt. It's almost finished. However, I don't like how it's coming along. It looks very bridal and that is definitely not what I had in mind. I really need to finish it; maybe it won't be as ugly as I think.

The picture of me in the dress was taken by my talented friend, Amy. She is an amazing photographer. She has turned the game room in her house into a photo studio complete with backdrops, lights, everything.... Last night Amy had a "Little Girl Party" at her house, more on that later. We took a break and she took these photos. There are many more, I just feel weird posting a bunch of pictures of just me. Thanks Amy for the fun photo shoot.

The Lining~even though nobody can see it, I know it's there and love it.
My mom threaded the chocolate brown ribbon through the lace.
She is very detailed.

My mom didn't make the shoes but she would probably try if I ask her.


Amy C said...

You should post more of the pix...especially the ones where you look like a cake topper! You look so pretty in all of them, don't feel weird putting them up!!! That was so much fun! And, thanks for the compliments on my photography!

amazeingteacher said...

You are too cute! thanks for my encouraging comments you posted on my blog this week. so about botox...where exactly did you get the injections? You look perfect...will you do it again? Finally, how long do the 'results' last?

Kimber said...

That dress is adorable!