Little Girl Party

My friend Amy has started a fun tradition, a "Little Girl Party." Amy invites the neighbor's girls, her niece, and me. I'm included to kick up the girly factor. :) I'm sure the girl’s parents enjoy a night out without the kids. Last year we made cupcakes and decorated them. It was lots of fun and I learned that even though little girls are adorable, they can be really messy. I don't do well with messes. Guess, I'm going to have problems when I have kids. :)

This year we dressed up and had a photo shoot. I LOVE photo shoots. (M.C.~if you're reading this remember our photo shoot in London?) We made cotton candy, which was a bust. Don't buy the little cotton candy machines from Bed Bath and Beyond or Wal-mart. You spend a long time spinning a paper cone in the machine, only to get about 4 bites of cotton candy. It reminded me of the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine from my childhood. I was so excited to get a snow cone and I ended up with about 4 bites. Boo! The girls watched a movie, while Amy and I made them sugar cookies. After all the fun, we read bedtime stories and they attempted to fall asleep.

I love Snow Cones

The Photo Shoot

Attempting to Make Cotton Candy

Watching a Movie

Reading Bedtime Stories


Amy C said...

I talked to Jess and she said the girls had a blast and were telling everyone about the sleepover :-) Thanks for joing me!!

Janet said...

Such cute little girls. They are all dressed like princesses. They will probably always remember you and Amy having them over. How fun!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like the sleepover was a fun filled girly time!! :)
For a moment there, I thought M.C. was ME!! Then I realized I haven't gone to London with you, then it clicked. LOL
That cotton candy machine did that to me the first time I used ours, but it gets better the more times you use it. Not sure why? I wouldn't recommend it for a large party, but a party of 2 to 3 would be ideal. Love your blog!


Blogs by Danielle said...

This is so cute! Looks like fun.

I really should have been there. ;)

I had that snow cone maker! It was one of my favorite things. I saw one at urban outfitters a few months ago and almost bought it, but it was $30! I've heard you can get them at toys r us. I think I might need to get one.