Antique Shopping

One of the great things about traveling for work is SHOPPING. I get the opportunity visit lots of local boutiques and antique shops. Yesterday I went to a little town outside of Beaumont, TX. This tiny Texas town has a great antique shop and I always try to visit when I’m in the area. I LOVE this store. It’s huge, they have a great assortment of items, and they always have girly, shabby items. Here’s a few of my finds…

I really like this funky chair $24.95

I LOVE this vintage tray $6.95

I have been wanting a vintage "doll vase." They had this adorable Barbie vase for $6.00! I also purchased the vintage pink doll case for $10.36. This is my closet room and I love the way it looks in here. I'm so happy.


Kate said...

I love that doll case! Great finds.

Amy said...

Those items are so great as well as the prices too! I love the chair.

Dawn said...

I NEVER find great things like that!!! I love all of them, you have great taste!!

Have you shown your closet room before?? I can't remember

Janet said...

All we need is to start shopping antiques. We have enough shopping weaknesses as it is. I say that because I'm feeling the curiosity to look up some antique shops.
Love, Mom