Weekend Update

This is completely out of character of me... I hardly took any pictures at Tom's wedding last weekend. We had a great time, though! Tom definitely found the love of his life and I'm so happy for him! I wish I had a picture of the bride but I don't! Ugh... I really enjoyed Milwaukee, WI. We stayed in the downtown area and it was nice. We even walked to breakfast on Saturday morning. You could never do that in Houston without needing a shower when you get there.


Amy C said...

You look so pretty! Did you get a tan?

Jill said...

Thanks, Amy.

Yes, I did get a fake tan. I will not put on a bathing suit or layout in the sun. On occasion I have a tan airbrushed on my body by another person. Yes, it's kinda embarrassing but I'm so pale the mystic tan booth doesn't work.

Danielle said...

Cute photos. I LOVE that dress. It's adorable. Is it new? Can I have it?

(just kidding)