L.A. Update

Tonight was so much fun! I met Kate, Danielle, and Jessica (Danielle’s sister) at Pink Taco for dinner. Everyone is SO sweet and SO much fun. I've been telling Danielle I wanted to see a celeb while I was in L.A. After dinner we saw Jo*sh Gro*ban. Clearly, I we didn't say anything but it was kinda exciting!


Amy C said...

Fun!!! Was the Pink Taco good? Where did y'all see Josh Groban?

Danielle said...

My hair looks so bad in photos.

I had such a great weekend with you! Today in SB was really fun. I'll need to post some photos :)

Jill said...


The food was really good at Pink Taco and it is a great place for people watching. However, the girls that work at Pink Taco were dressed very trashy... similar to Hooters but worse. Not a place for kids.

I'll tell you later where we saw JG. I'm not really wanting to say too much on here since I was called a stalker on fan site. :) HA HA.