Packing and the Weather. Man, I'm Boring!

Update: I just finished packing and I'll be leaving in a few minutes for the airport. I'm bringing soooo many clothes and shoes. I had to use my big suitcase. The last time I used it was my trip to China for two weeks. AND~ I got an email from the airline and I've been upgraded to first class. I'm so happy. I hope they show a good movie.

I’m leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow. I’m so excited!!! It will be fun to meet Danielle and I’m looking forward to our fabulous Girl’s Weekend she has planned. Stay tuned for pictures!

Today I worked in Austin, TX. On the way home I noticed several digital signs with the temperature…. 103 degrees. What??? Last week in San Antonio, the weather man said (with the heat index) it was 105 degrees. As I’m getting ready to pack tonight, I looked up the temperature in L.A. and I am happy. The highs in L.A. this week are in the mid to upper 80’s. The weather report said the lows are in the 60’s.

As I’m sure you can see I don’t enjoy the excruciating, jungle heat. The Texas heat has caused me to faint many times (Houston and Dallas). I had a seizure in my college psychology class (Abilene). It was completely embarrassing! I’ve also randomly thrown-up because I was so sick from the heat. Maybe I should move???

My sister has said she wants a summer home in Colorado someday. Jenn has invited me and my future children to join her for the summer. Oh… I am dreaming of the day! Jenn and I playing with our kids, making gourmet dinners, and sitting on the porch at night with a sweater and visiting until we can’t stay awake any longer.

I was going through some pictures the other day and I came across these NYC pics. It was December 2006 and VERY cold. Ahhh…. I can’t wait for January. :) I’m wearing earmuffs in one of the photos… how fun! It was freezing in "Tavern on Green" picture. I took off my coat for the picture because I wanted my dress in the photo. It’s vintage and it was a fab find. :) It's all about the fashion, not comfort!

Tavern on the Green

Shopping in China Town with Jenn (sis) and a BFF (Maria)

Leslie (our famous friend~she does the 'Shamu, Killer Whale' Show at Sea World), Maria, Me, and Jenn. I love how we are cuddled up because we're cold. It's so fun being a girl!


Jarrett said...

Speaking of the heat in San Antonio, "say-town" came in 8th in the nation's 'Sweatiest city' rankings, with 229,606 gallons of sweat emitted per hour. Though, the results are slightly inaccurate because Dad and Jennifer account for about 5% - 7% of the total figure.

Have fun in LA!

jana said...

Ooh, I wish you could bottle up some of that cooler weather for those of us who will still be sweating it out in the jungle! Have fun in LA!!

Amy C said...

Dude, your bro's comment just cracked me up! I TOTALLY feel the same way about the weather. I LOVE winter clothing...I am already excited for the holidays. All the back to school stuff is going up in the stores which means Halloween stuff is just around the corner!! I so wish I lived in a colder climate....I did live in Mass. and that kinda sucked....too cold. Anyways, thanks for the decorating help the other night...I love what you did and I have not changed a thing. Joe and I went shopping and everything was "Jill said to get his, Jill would like that"...it was kinda funny :-)

Jennifer said...

I'm in Washington DC right now & it's HUMID and high in the 90s... sucks. please take me somewhere cool

Jennifer said...

Hey Jarrett, very funny on the sweat comment! I wear prescription deoderent thank you!

Amy said...

We are traveling to SA this week for vacation. I'll be sure to pack extra deodorant - your brother is too funny. Wish we were going to CA with you - I don't like the heat either. I know you will have a blast. Take care.

Janet said...

I was ready for fall at Mother's Day.
Love, Mom