Last Saturday I went to Disneyland with Danielle and Jessica (her sister). Disney was so much fun! Danielle and Jess are the perfect tour guides. We were able to ride everything we wanted, we indulged in some delicious snacks, we saw the BEST fireworks show and the cutest parade, and we took about 500 pictures. My favorite ride was Alice in Wonderland. She is also my favorite character, maybe it’s because (out of the blue) people call me Alice in Wonderland??? For instance, one Sunday morning I was walking into church and a man I don’t know was holding the door open and greeting everyone. He said to me, “Good morning Alice in Wonderland.” ????Space Mountain was really fun too; I love a good rollercoaster!!

Please pardon my ugliness in the pictures. We rode a couple of water rides and I got nasty! I don’t like being wet, except in the shower. I dislike water and being wet so much thatI rarely go into a swimming pool, lake, or ocean. I’m weird. I highly recommend Disneyland, especially in the hot summer months. During the day, it was warm…mid to upper 80’s but at night it got into the 60’s. I got to wear a sweater in July!


Kate said...

You got wet-does that mean you went on Splash Mountain?? I hope you loved it!

amazeingteacher said...

you do look like alice in wonderland! and, btw...you could never be ugly! even in these pictures you are adorable!

Danielle said...

OH I HATE the last photo! Yuck! Out of the 500 photos you chose that one? Boo.

I'm not sure people think we actually took that many, but we did! ;)

I had SO much fun! I'll see you next week!

Call me when you can. There's a LOT going on.

Danielle said...

And yes Kate, we went on Splash Mountain twice :)

Amy C said...

Fun!! I'm glad you are having such a good time, I am jealous! What's next...Hollywood? Have you gone to In and Out yet?

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Jill, thank you for stopping by & leaving me a note! So glad you did & I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I love to share with all of you out there & I so enjoy sharing decorating too. Please come back often!


penny lane said...

great picture choices! love the one of the alice and wonderland floats - it's my favorite.
get excited because it's even better at christmas.

Jenna :) said...

ahhh i love disney!!

wasn't it amazing?

i can't wait to go back

Janet said...

That picture in the teacup looks so cool and refreshing with the mix of sun and shade. It's especially appealing when you live through Texas summers.
Love, Mom